Idle No More Victoria Mall! Powerful!


This one has then Police Chief Jamie Graham (old police chief some think is still in charge, with probably one of the worst records as far as power goes) he was protecting the Royal Bank of Canada, along with all those cops around him, one on bike and guy standing up on something on left in background.  We were having a No Olympics On Stolen Native Land Protest.

protecting the RBC bank


Thats Joey Onley with his band mate in behind, I love this photo, it was taken in Vancouver, Nanna Romanow and I, Megan Oleson, we were there enjoying it!


This here is two of my best friends, even though I hardly see either of them! Calvin Woida and Carol Romanow!  Two solid people whom I hold in high regard.img_2896

Just Don’t Give Up friends.  We got each other!