Arrived, dined, slept, ,met, bonded, food, worked worked, bonded, worked, ate, food, vision, learn, new, equity, supported to do work needed to bond, so worth it….
Love you folks.

We all worked hard last 24hrs. We learned a lot, each had so much to offer. So many helped, worked so hard to help us, THANK YOU SO MUCH Emily Paridis (thank yo for more than most can say, and this…for Library event.Love and Respect to Chippewa  Thanks To Holly we learned that the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation is an Anishinaabe (Ojibway) nation.

We learn more…

Thank you also to All My Sisters,Maytree and COH for helping us at LEAC to come together and bond… much needed resources came to us and WOW do we all ever rock out, great organising all around everybody!  Awareness, strengths, unity and uniqueness, together we are strong.’

We heard from many diverse perspectives and we all gained from that diversity, I believe therefore that we lead and can get thru every obstacle together.


Wow, with a little resources, support and good old boundaries from allies: all those who have had their hand in supporting the voices of lived experience of homelessness, and in this specific case I am saying thank you on behalf of LEAC!   it is hard to capture in words the gratitude…
Photo’s you see start with end of night.  We got to our rooms and bed by 1045 1100.  I of course had to re:post and re:download the sweetgrass tobacco gift photo’s.  We asked to have this available and it is def is wanted For End OF Night At Library Event: gift of sweet grass from prairies and Northfield tobacco. Blessings.  Will be sharing end of night at Library event listed here: