Will Food Not Bombs Organise (MUCH NEEDED) Anti oppression 101 workshops for themselves?  How about some kind of capacity building that includes Non violent communication and Anti Oppression sessions over a few months.  Maybe you can acquire funding for it even?
I am challenging current Food Not Bombs organisers: deal with your issues or change your name from Food Not Bombs to “Free Food”.

I been chatting with you folks for years on the need for anti oppression and conflict resolution training.

Food Not Bombs will be known for having ZERO anti oppression analysis if you do not get it together soon!

I have not brought my own daughter there since she was 5 back when folks around the tree had NO PROBLEM with a certain TRANS PHOBIC man who had NO RESPECT for my BOUNDARIES with my DAUGHTER! Other families do not go either for same reasons, for years now, and we will not go and it is NOT SAFE until you folks get your shit together.
FNB’s has got to deal with issues around systemic oppressions 
Just Like The Rest Of Us! FNB’s: Until you all get trained on Anti Oppression and How To Be An Ally, do you even realise you are NOT a safe space?

You are not a safe space!
This ought to be the new Ad:

“Free Food is served Sundays at the Big Tree down from Our Place at 330 by well intentioned community members.”