I now understand that: Cancer comes UP in our bodies due to poisons.  Cancer eats the poisons and that in turn becomes a tumour.  Thanks Steph Lovatt for helping me understand this.

IF we stop putting poisons into our body and boost our immunities, the cancer can retreat.
The “poisons” comes from a lot of sources, from scotch guard to Lysol to a lot of other unnecessary chemical shite in Palmolive, Dawn, hair products, perfumes, Pine Sol, Fukushima radiation, stress due to war, uranium tipped bombs, etc!   Don’t believe the hype, look into this yourself.
I am DONE with this system which lies as it poisons us and much of Life then blames the cancer which is trying to deal with that poison!

Fucking war mongering sickness attacks us on all levels and, when people try and defend they too are attacked just like our immunities which TRY and fight and defend but, we attack that too with chemo:  We eat refined sugar which attacks our immunities and is in most processed food.
Not a personal thing either, so don’t feel bad, just wake up and act.  First things first, learn how to grow a garden.

Learn about plants in your area, like how my nephew just did this cool zine about edible plants in Montreal: