In my opinion BC Housing vis a vis PHS could have asked the 75 tenters (whose land it is given they are going to move into that building.) Help those leave temporarily in order to then clean out theat SMALL BUT SERIOUSLY VIOLENT THREATENING element!  They could then be allowed, the 75 tenters, to move back in where they are SAFER and we allready KNOW they do not want to go into PHS SOFT INCARCERATION!  ONCE Again You are NOT listening system, Rich Coleman vis a vis BC Housing vis a vis PHS: you are taking orders from a sick selfish poor bashing system, you are a threat to us poor, our very existance is threatened by all of you!
Ashley Molli

1 hr · Victoria ·

58 West Hastings tent city delivered their “trespass” notice today citing health and safety concerns. Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, EVERY TENT CITY EVER. When will health & safety legislation take into consideration the REAL health & safety of people who find refuge and survival in tent cities!!!


For Immediate Release

October 25th

City of Vancouver breaking up 58 W Hastings tent city, residents speak out


VANCOUVER, UNCEDED COAST SALISH TERRITORIES: This morning the City of Vancouver sent police and bylaw officers to break up the tent city at 58 West Hastings. They have ordered nearly 100 people camped out on the vacant lot in the Downtown Eastside to disperse by noon today. And city workers have begun confiscating tents and razing the camp in the pouring rain.

Residents of the tent city are holding a news conference to speak out against the breakup of their community and the violation of their Charter rights to appropriate shelter.

What: Press Conference
When: 2:30pm, Tuesday, October 25th
Where: 58 W Hastings (on the street outside the tent city)

For information contact Maria Wallstam with the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP), who is on site with the residents. Cell number: 604 500 2731

(Go To this link to see actual letter)