yesterday i learned that the Asiatic Exclusion League in Vancouver and the 1907 Race Riots they instigated here in Chinatown/”Japantown” played an important role in the first drug law (in Canada?) – the criminalization of opium. hmmm guess who was affected by that most immediately?

also reminds me of how Emily Murphy, one of the “famous five” who advanced voting rights for white women in Canada, was the (public) spearhead behind the criminalization of cannabis, which Canada was the first in the world to do. her motivation behind it? because black and chinese folks used cannabis and were “maniacs” and “violent” because of it.

this reminds me of how the intersection of Main & Hastings is so symbolic of the shit ton of intersecting historical points in time, identities, and power which meet in this particular neighbourhood. i am simply floored at the interconnectedness of it all, considering the current context of Main & Hastings, now that it is no longer the location of the (once openly) white supremacist City Hall, and that the many folks whose paths move through there are adversely affected by the War on Drugs, white supremacy, colonialism, and the plethora of oppressions that exist.


Note: She came from Orange family, they were Scottish who sold out to England and went and settled into Northern Ireland and to this day burn effigy’s of Irish in Northern Ireland, they do what is known as Orange Parades.  In all lands colonised there are those who are willing to be used as middle class or managers, hungry for power after being conquered, the conquerer will give some of the conquered land to, well, not really give but, they get dibs as managers.  Their BIG ROLE is to Quell the Rebellions, such as the Louis Riel Rebellion.

It was Orange people who insured Louis Riel was hung, it was them who waved  hang mans rope and would yell “Hang Riel” till they did!  They did this all over Metis lands, that is why there is a length of rope in a few museums in Manitoba, Saskatchewan that say “this rope hung Louis Riel… It was merely the rally rope, it was only one of them that actually hung him.

So, when managers for front line anti poverty service industry aka Poverty Industry, say “go slow, this here is the plan, we can’t do that…” now you know why?  They got to keep the jobs, pay the bills. Quell the rebellions.

So, yeah.