Published on Sep 18, 2016 by Bruce Dean

Chief Del Manek’s rude and erroneous discrediting of myself and fellow activist

(that is me, Kym Hothead THAW Victoria)

deliver’s Chief Jamie Graham Déjà vu – “Chief Graham, as a senior police officer with a very long record of service, ought to have known and foreseen, not only that he would likely embarrass his colleagues by his conduct but that it was wrong for him to have …mocked the passengers, who appear to have been law abiding citizens, whether or not they were ‘protestors’.”

Chief Del Manek explains why he hates accountability, cameras, Kym Hines, and Bruce Dean.

“Every citizen has the right, perhaps the moral duty, to bring alleged
police misconduct to the attention of the appropriate authorities.”
(The Honourable Jakob S. de Villiers Q.C.)
(RE: Bruce Dean vs Graham, VicPD, & OPCC)

I attended the Committee to End Homelessness Victoria meeting, and the guest speaker was “acting” Chief of Victoria Police, Del Manek.

*and contrary to what “acting” Chief Del Manek rudely and dismissively said to the unquestioning sheeple, we’re NOT just unconstructively “pointing out differences” – we’re reporting injustice to deaf ears and blind eyes hiding behind a thin blue line, supported by those who choose to remain neutral in a time of crisis.
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“The experiences and perspectives gleaned through these interviews point to the harmful effects of policing on the physical and mental well-being of members of the Victoria street community, a majority of whom use illicit drugs, live with disabilities, and/or suffer from chronic illnesses. These findings highlight the need for yet another revisiting of the use of policing to regulate poverty, as an approach that encourages a disproportionate and unjustified interference with the daily lives of the most marginalized members of our communities, and misuses resources to criminalize rather than alleviate poverty.”
(Out of Sight: Policing Poverty in Victoria – Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group)