Published on Oct 5, 2016

RICH Coleman sure got a good parking spot. I wonder if he was threatened with arrest, too?

The trials and tribulations of a disabled Street Photographer with a moral conscience, riding an iron steed, an electric bicycle chopper, and eChopper – a prescribed mobility aid.

The harassment from the cops started when I initially arrived at the area and was scoping out the best vantage point for myself.

I noticed people slowing down and peering into the parking lot area and so I followed suit, but as soon as I pulled up beside the driveway entrance, on the road, this same officer as was in the video pounced and began threatening me.

I moved on without opportunity to explain or query about his zeal with harassing me.

…and this wasn’t his first time. He’d been all over me like ugly on an ape, months ago when i was shooting street photography, and he managed to get all the other uniforms around him driven into a simple-minded rage, to the point of one paramedic assaulting me.

The guy appears to have some sort of inferiority complex, or issues with his masculinity, or lack there of, I suppose.