I am a visitor under duress in L’kwungen Territory.

Plans are in the works to throw a RICH COLEMAN BASH

People are needed to make and operate a larger than life RICH Coleman Puppet to hang and dance from long poles.

We want to start our creative projects now and develop other creative ideas. Homeless want to speak, will you help them?  Join them?  We need Social Housing Now. 
Would you like to help by making art, we’d LOVE IT if folks wanted to show solidarity and paint then, go into AGM and hear speech and report back to public your thoughts…
We are creating and building community from ground up together…
 You have a story of Home?  
So far one of many aspect’s of the Bash and Rally will be moi,kym hothead M/C’ing and supporting homeless who say they want to share their stories of Home, what are they seeking in Home and why?

YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US THIS Wednesday at 7pm at Sands Funeral Home, Quadra and North Park, come and join our CTEHV meeting where this is on our agenda.

You are welcome to join us and please,
Send creative friends.  We can use your art skills and love freakness!