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Bert Woldring (facebook post) 

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“shelter tree”
Well it has been a while since you have heard from me.
To bring you folks up to date:

I finally got into my room at the new (old building) on Johnson street in Victoria on the 18th of Aug., but am being charged for the whole month of Aug. rent at $375.

I am dealing with my 3rd. and 4th. infections of minor skin cuts since moving in here. I am an extremely healthy person who has never had this kind of problem before so i can not help but wonder if it is the fault of this building ( an X intermediate care home where they sent old, sick people to die).

I have had to tolerate the intrusion of SWAT ( with NO WARRANT), seems poor people have no rights.
We have 3 to 5 false fire alarms every 24 hours ( try to sleep with that going on) and one real fire already.

More broken promises from our government, where is the TV and internet access promised to induce us to give up tent city for this broken down old building. I invested hundreds of dollars ( i don’t have many) in an up to date computer and TV to stay in touch and current, useless with no net access.( they apparently have wifi installed and paid for but refuse to give us pass words for access).

As we have no cooking ability in our rooms, meals are supposed to be provided but so far no one is happy with the slop passed as real food ( far from a balanced diet). Is this part of the reason for the infections?

Where is the tenant agreement as promised to induce us to move in here. Why is it necessary to ID and photo visitors to residents. Why are we refused overnight guests (Tenancy act allows for this)


The moral of this saga….our provincial and federal governments continue to pursue the APPEARANCE of being responsible to the voters while playing the shell game with the poor, the old, the disabiled, all of those least likely to speak out for themselves.

On a positive note:
Thank you Mayor Lisa Helps for your rightful Mayor’s award to Super InTent City as a major factor in the positive progress of this fine city. It is reassuring that at least someone in power sees things in a clear and proper light.