Wednesday September 28, 6:30 PM in front of Our Place?

Our Place has invited Minister Of Housing Rich Coleman to speak at their AGM!

Rich Coleman even REDEFINED Social Housing so that it does NOT MEAN 30 % of Income anymore. He redefined social housing!

This is the same guy who attacked our Tent City and pushed for more police presence!

I will never let anyone forget too that Ben Issit also supported that increased police presence Rich Coleman pushed, his quote is in this video:

So, People With Disabilities and our Allies:

Do we need to go to the AGM and make some noise outside?

(Should we get that same Amp Can from Long and McQuade, the same one Boma and I got? )

As a PWD I got to go to a Welfare Line up tomorrow and find out why the last three or more of my disability cheques were 100.00 to 70.00 short?

How are things for you in regards to your cheques?

Are you able to pay for food?  Pay for bills?

How are you faring with the bus situation, are you getting around?

Want to share your story?

Lets us know.

Here is a look inside Rich Colemans Central Care Home: