A resident from Central Care Home approached me to show me this video, it was on Overdose Awareness Day, at the time he showed me, it had just happened within two hours.  Another resident was present and he was shaken by fact he “…had to look down a barrel of a gun held by a VICPD SWAT.”  I uploaded and shared with Bruce Dean, his version is way better!

Here is Bruce Deans Version: Full Metal Jacket:Cops Policing Poverty,  :

Published on Sep 7, 2016

I am a visitor in Lkwungen Territory under duress.
From North End of Winnipeg, Acadian Settler Metis

Last week we had Overdose Awareness Week / Day / Vigils…
We also had VICPD go and collect on a warrant in full riot gear at Central Care Home.
I was at AVI taking advantage of their offer for free training:

International Overdose Awareness Day

Posted August 30, 2016 – 10:42am by eric.b, Aids Vancouver Island.

In honour of International Overdose Awareness Day, we will be offering overdose prevention & response training every 30 minutes from 10am-3pm this Wednesday at the Victoria office (3rd floor, Access Health Centre, 713 Johnson Street). No need to register, just show up and we will walk you through information on overdose risk and how to reduce it, how to identify an overdose, and what to do when they occur (including how to administer naloxone/ Narcan). Free take-home naloxone kits will be available for anyone who may face overdose risk and who cannot afford to purchase them from a pharmacy.
For more info: heather.hobbs@avi.org or 250-384-2366 ext 3104
Service providers: if you are interested in obtaining kits for your workplace, please encourage your employer to purchase a kit from a pharmacy or ask them to contact Island Health’s Harm Reduction Coordinator, Griffin Russell 250.755.7691 ext 53065; griffin.russell@viha.ca
While waiting for next training, I saw Phil who used to live at Super InTent City and now at Central Care Home..
He showed me this video. I also saw “blue tooth” and he too shared how he had looked at a barrel of a machine gun just an hour or so before I saw him.

The film starts well into it, 6 SWAT are in front of one door, one man is up against the wall over by stairs on right, we are not sure what officers are doing breaking into a unit when supposedly the fellow they had a warrant to pick up was in cuffs already?
The officers did not identify themselves nor, it seems, did they produce a warrant for the person to see, it seemed like a stressful situation.

Please share,:SIC society member requested it and its good to encourage others to watch each others backs like these neighbor’ did. Like one fellow said “sorry for the bad language, we digress under stress…”

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