I am grateful for being able to have this extra bike to ride while Bruce Dean and his friends help build up a bike I now forgot how I got, bought this and that and dropped stuff off, last time I saw it my mind was already blown, its hot!  He has added a lot of cool accessories, just wait till you see it!  I am grateful its happening, all a gift.

So, yesterday I was able to take this extra bike and go out bottling, enjoying sun on skin, warm air, no wind, went to ocean and got cooled off, back home with first load, then back to ocean and james bay (one of my fave communities to bottle in) where I saw that most amasing full moon.

As my mood got grumpy of late, I decided I needed to share gratitude stories cause I get down about things like misrepresentation, how many within social justice sadly have learned how to misrepresent, how to pretend a thing is something it is not.  Colonialism taught us too well how to be showing a different better story or narrative, one that matches our vision rather than one on ground, one NOT directed by the poor (or people of colour or women or first nations) in this case the poor and their voice and their stories.

I get grumpy when outsiders “stay neutral” yet often control movements.  They find folks who fit into their vision of what they think “we need to do”.

There are a lot of hirstory’s to learn from. Sadly, these years most poor either hide their poverty hirstory or they do not get hired.

Poor are usually muzzled so, we got no freedom to speak.  When we are aasked to speak, folks nervously stand by ready to grab the mic if needed.


Too many fear punitive retaliation at every level, daily often.

Its why we organise, Idle No More is a great example.  I am grateful for Idle No More and Black Lives Matter.  Inspiring.  I will not wait for an invite or approval or bring forward what I think you or anyone wants to hear.  I will be respectful in every way possible.

BAck to gratitude and sun, riding skin thru warm air towards ocean with trailer slowly being filled with bottles and cans…

I am grateful to smell that sun on my skin the next day… as I head to the Depot, just to get jacked up today but, that is not this post, this is gratitude post…

What lifted my grumpy mood day before at same Depot  was when I saw James.  He was ahead of me, it was quiet, lots of room and early in day.  I say hi quietly and wait as he is being directed as to how to get his name in on the Bottle Depot web site money draw they do.  After all was said and done and set up for that, I wished him good luck, He said thanks.  Then he walked a bit, turned and said “It was really good seeing you today.”  I told him “Thanks James, it was real good to see you as well.”

My spirit was lifted.  I missed him since his move out of tent city, it was harsh as communication was held tight like a power trip.


We move forward, we reconnect. When I heard folks sharing sad feelings of SIC being dismantled, I shared that nothing will be the same after SIC.  SIC changed everything.  Our community of homeless unhoused bonded with housed folks like never before because we had public space.  We who knew each other for 20 years never had so much time together, most don’t give a shit about that but for us, it was awesome! It reminded us about how our time is so kontrolled by organisations/others who work in those organisations, well intentioned or not.  Those who get to have a strange kind of privilege of being in kontrol of movements while being enslaved to the system that oppresses, I did it for years, its a tight ripe to walk: Having so much responsibility, must be hard for us.


Anyways, many made new and deep connections.  We had many local first nations at SIC, many you never met in media, not all in agreement as to how police were handled, yet, we all learned a lot for the next time:

We had much diversity but all were poor and dependant upon each other.

The web of life grows, my connections grow, some falter but, got to trust, we are all messed in an oppressive system after all.  Political work, community building is easier said and written about then done.

Well, for some its easier to write about, painstaking for me, I’d much rather chat, even a phone call…

James is the fellow Bert was building this fence for, James was squatting in video until I yelled out for some help, then he got up… I care deeply for James and the caring bond that he formed with many of us over 10 months at Super InTent City.

I had to search for the last hour for this video, its being suppressed for some reason?

I am grateful for the simple honest love.  Thanks to all of you and your patience, your kindness, your forgiveness, I thank you for what you bring to our community and in how you help others, I see it, I appreciate it.  I appreciate it from all allies and community members who work to fight justice in their own ways, I am grateful.

Does not mean we are always going to agree on everything.