Just to be clear: No, it did not.

“Activist Chrissy Brett told CTV News she intended to stay on the lawn and be arrested if necessary.”

“She (Chrissy Brett) also noted that the relationship between the city’s homeless and law enforcement officials has improved as a result of the camp, and called it a “lasting legacy” of tent city.”

Again, No, it has not!



Published on Aug 4, 2016

Remember the Orwellian Ending to the Supportive Housing Public Information Session July 19 at the Victoria Conference Center?

Watch as the same officer invades a tent city resident’s space who had a short verbal argument with a friend with some yelling. Many of us heard it and it ended. However, VICPD who were on site (as usual since Rich Coleman pressured them to) and they “had to do a wellness check”? I found it unbelievable, shocking as to how he spoke to the resident in an invasive, patronizing and inappropriate manner, totally unprofessional as far as a “check in”. Something is just really wrong about this. Right?
So, I was at SIC because a homeless resident called for a march against censorship and asked for help as well as more filming of this last week at SIC.
We were unable to leave SIC after many attempts due to a lot of folks emotional and mental health needs, these needs were significantly heightened by the intensely growing police state surrounding them, such as what you are about to see.

I found this disturbing and have been for months now, I am not proud that I react verbally to police, just fyi: I DO try and not speak. I am in late stages of PTSD from early abuse myself, was homeless myself as well.

I am finding this past couple of months at SIC challenging yet, I am learning a lot and growing a lot, not to mention I get to advocate for those whom media, police , the public and even some housed supporters judge.
For that, I am grateful to be learning and find I must speak out.