Yesterday at SIC, over a few visits to site, last visit I got home at about 0200

Published on Aug 12, 2016

I am a visitor under duress in Lkwungen Territory
Super InTent is really no more, however, SIC Society as well as many other communities have formed and they all mover forward, SIC set precedence and still will as days unfold to weeks and years.

All over tent cities and micro house VILLAGES are forming due to the crisis we are in and, its a great solution. We need to heal ourselves each other and htis world so, yeah.
This need to write, for me is when team work helps. I am very emotional and do NOT want to write yet, it helps so I bare with it and move forward with the PTSD fibro fog and an anger at systemic abuse and harassment. Authoritarian patriarchal power tripping is like a bad cold, you can catch it if you are not careful and mindful.
Yesterday at Super InTent City, like many times before, I witnessed a system at play that makes me dig my heels in deeper in my desire for justice.
There must be equity or we all experience unnecessary pain and suffering. My belief is we are all connected, like it or not, sometimes we can leave but most felt the need and desire to stay connected, we kind of figured it out, al be it bumpy as heck as far as both housed and unhoused issues go!
I have both seen an amasing movement grow up around all of us, yet often this has been despite ourselves and, many have caused a lot of judgemental based pain towards others.
Again, I believe that once we THINK about it, we ought to not be surprised…
No one rises above any one else however, inequity reigns and most do not want to deal head on or directly. Most avoid conflict still. Amasing society really has not changed much and, that really ought to scare us!
I believe and agree with many movements which state that we must include class analysis in our race analysis and vis a versa. Might seem like a lot of work and yet, once I learned why, its absolutely worth it as it expands each of our communities, we potentially can bond thru difference and not be divided by that controlling elite who are ignorant.

I reign from North End of Winnipeg. I was taught to not be bullied, deal. So, I’d leave. We can’t leave anymore, can we?
PS: do NOT be afraid to speak out against current police state and make that new system happen, I think most bullies do NOT like to be a bully.
Means we got to nip it in the bud early on, that gets me on Livable 4All Income, shift education and judicial systems…