I include all of Victoria when I say: In the big picture, I believe that Super InTent City has been a complete success as far as community building goes.
Community has been built, often in spite of ourselves.
I am certain it is how revolutions are made, quite by happenstance and those few brave fools for freedom who step out.
Arrogance gets in the way.  Unity builds bridges.
I’ve learned a lot, thank you soldiers!  You all taught me more about
how to fight.
May we all ask forgiveness where needed, hold accountable and move forward.
That is my prayer.
None are any better or worse than any one of us.
(I place links to some key video’s over SIC’s life, so far:  From THAW Victoria and SIC Society co productions anyways.)


THAW Victoria:

We learned that Tent Cities are healthier if they do this, this never happened at Super InTent City, we all learned a lot and will follow this next time:

SIC Society THAW Victoria Co Productions:

Remember what community said years ago when asked about homelessness at a Gathering On The Green back in 2010?