This is not a video poem, although I’d prefer it would be.
This is the hardest video article I’ve ever had to do, but, here goes.

Heartbreaking to witness the chaos state that has developed around the ever increasingly intense and oppressive POLICE STATE at Super InTent City. People I fear are being used. VICPD ain’t looking so great about now.
But, nor do any of us. Even I been struggling more these days however, I move forward and that is critical.

Here is Part 2 of Orwellian:Police as Mental Health Workers? Just No!


The above is critical given lately when women at SIC called out for help when a  Mad As Hell Vibrant Victoria male had camera’s in unhoused female residents faces, police and corporate backed media ignored them, Ana got Bruce Deans attention and he got involved, this below is bruce deans footage of Mad As Hell Vibrant Victoria person:

This below is the video that was taken by the Vibrant Victoria fellow (whose name is Hal, he is the fellow) that started all the fuss. You can’t hear Ana and others calling for help all the way through because her complaints sent him away from the centre of Tent City. In this video it is clear to see why Ana and others were objecting to his intrusive behaviour, sticking his camera right into people’s homes (tents), skulking around trying not to be seen invading people’s privacy, and how he ignored requests to stop filming.

This below shows how any of us can be pawns, puppets if we are not careful; Here three self described “soft managers” of SIC are featured here in one shot, police, minister staff and a SIC supporter all try and control advocates/activist’s whom SIC residents requested to film, both incidents happened in one day, other such incidents have occurred on site at SIC that have been filmed:


Even though we learned a lot and had great media response on August 2nd Rally and march at SIC, it was also very emotional and many were unable to leave SIC, for diverse health reasons. PTSD. It is what it is. I am proud of the coverage they got and how it seems to have helped move them into more clarity maybe…
Support is needed for homeless.

We have been dealing with much divisiveness, been witness to the nurturing of divide, abusive patrinising policing is happening…
I finally met the Ministry of Technology and Innovation Citizens Services staff yesterday.
Not a great first impression as you will see in this video.

SIC is supposed to be coming to a close. August 8th. We’ve heard rumours all week that Central Care is not ready Monday for all tenants due to renovations that are needed to get finished. I heard workers are doing an amasing job though. Some tenants have moved in.

We are all still meeting at SIC on 8th, just because they need support either way! So, game on!
In ending…
Because of all the conflicts of late at SIC, I need to share that I am in Solidarity with the H.L Recycle worker’s and I been out and out telling them! I won’t stop either.
I am also in solidarity with all tent city residents and will support what I can and encourage all to follow their heart, ALL down at SIC, that is where answers lie.
More importantly, seems that some will be displaced back to isolation possibly and I am not happy about that!

I believe we all need and deserve home, healing, love and to have that within community of our choice.
Thank you for giving folks your protection and love when ever possible.