Vancouver mayor pledges to develop tent city into social housing

The City of Vancouver has reached an agreement with occupants of a tent city at 58 West Hastings to develop the property as 100 per cent social housing.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson met with housing activists this afternoon and pledged to speed the project up.

“We’re committing to take this to rezoning next year in the first half of the year. That building could be as many as 300 homes in it. We’re going to be putting pressure on the B.C. and federal government to commit to making sure that all of those rooms can be a shelter welfare rates.”

Residents have been camped at the site since early July, demanding action on social housing.

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The mayor pledged to push rezoning to early next year, though conceded the project would take several years.

As to where the funding will come from?

“We have 20 sites in Vancouver, we’ve asked the BC government and the federal government to partner with us to build affordable social housing in our city.”

In the mean time, they say they have no plans to leave the site.


Here are two differing styles of Tent City Security as shown on THAW Victoria youtube.