For the right to housing: It takes social housing!

In 1976, Canada and Quebec have ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the UN. They are thus committed to ensure the right to housing in their territory. But housing continues to be rather considered as a business opportunity and profits … No wonder almost one million Canadian renter households still face today in core housing need and that hundreds of thousands people there are homeless.

Therefore FRAPRU and the International No-Vox network, of which he is a member, take advantage of the World Social Forum, held in Montreal from 9 to 14 August 201 6, to remind governments to order.

On August 12, you have to walk in the streets of Côte-des-Neiges and claim:
– That the Canada-wide Strategy on housing promised by the federal government of Justin Trudeau, formally recognizes the right to housing, it announces investments $ 2 billion for new social housing and it maintains long-term subsidies to existing ones;
– that the Quebec government to Philippe Couillard finance the completion of 50,000 new social housing units in 5 years, as public housing , cooperatives and non-profit housing organizations;
– Whether 2500 social housing is built on the site of the former Blue Bonnets racetrack, as requested by groups of Côte-des-Neiges.

Meet at the sports center of Côte Snow (4880 Van Horne, Montreal West), on August 12 at 13h and bring your snacks and your picnic table!

mobilization of equipment:

Tract manifestion August 12, 2016 ;