Here is a new quote form the DSHP thanks to a conversation Carol Romanow and I just had:

Inspire and help network / organise each autonomous community to  “think outside the box” and co create Social Housing in the diverse ways communities like Super InTent City are now envisioning, and use a version of the Clubhouse Model in at least one project as a way to address affordable housing and chronic poverty in the Capital Region of British Columbia.   We encourage Organisations/Groups/Church’s/Anarchist Communities/Individual Homeowners to sponsor a Mini Tent City, like in Eugene, only adapt it to your area/city/village/town.  Once a community, like VANDU is currently doing in the DTES at 48 West Hastings, to repeat, once an established organisation sponsors a Mini Tent City, that tent city can be supported to create a residents council, begin to go thru process of creating policy for their building or micro house village.  Create a residents only board with committees of support chosen by them.  Each community has a starting point and most organisations church groups can easily support a mini tent city of 20 tents.  I am proud of VANDU’s support of the larger group they have taken on in the DTES, I respect their groundbreaking work in this movement.