Its the Tuesday before welfare day for thousands of people in BC.

Including me and many of my friends and community.

You will begin to hear police sirens like clock work soon, it happens every month, the poor like angry hungry mobs more and more, having to do the run around, VICPD left to deal, only the bullies enjoy stalking and criminalizing and recriminilizing the poor…

This scene to me is as wild as Clock Work Orange the movie…only its better than this cause its a movie.

Please be compassionate, I beg of you.  Ask your ancestors or your God to help you “feel the love”.

Especially this month when the Neo Liberal’s Government got their way and Rich Coleman forced a hand, made PHS come to town and, I guess SOMETHING ahd to make this town change/shift… and here we go, Super InTent City will be taken down.

I wonder how the VICPD are going to handle this?  Hmmm?  I’d suggest that the new staff be brought up to speed as to legalities re: police and warrants etc.

Like the one about how VICPD need one to enter a persons home!

As a reminder: Lisa Helps was the one politician who came down early on and as soon as she was invited , and even returned many times.  She heard from folks directly and asked Don Evans from Our Place and let every other service provider attached to SIC to please listen.

Not all the residents have been hard, many have even had housed folks attack them from within the site, at the same time they were heavily attacked as Rich Coleman pushed and the VICPD responded with way too much support from Ben Isitt, if you ask me.

I know from months of meetings that at least two groups or more did steps and formed a society in hopes of acquiring land and forming an “eko village” style micro housing village with a small tent city beside it and help transition folks out of THEIR OWN community into housing when they were ready and wanting it for what ever reasons.

Yet, Rich Coleman, not unlike local Lkwungen Nation, did nothing to help these homeless residents, many are first nations, all “Canadians” on stolen native land.  I met a few from the island and beyond, some had family members coming and going checking in, often poor themselves…often wondering how will we hang onto our housing?

This song I am sharing a link to, it was shared to me by a Quaker Youth named Sam.  I met Sam thru my then partners sister Vanessa.  It brings tears to my eyes just writing her name.  She died of a form of Leukemia at the age of 18yrs.   I still cannot write about it, and thats ok.

However, I needed to share that introduction in order to righteously introduce this song, it speaks volumes and is kind of Tonglin really….: