Excellent writing and sharing Bert, I am not in the league of writing as you are! Thank you so much for such clarity as to move me to action…

“shelter tree”
Well, i am now “interned” at “choices”, a pure misnomer as you don’t get many choices but get talked down to like a 6 year old “idiot”… the other “inmates” at least have respect and community attitude towards each other.. We are isolated some distance out of town, relient on a shuttle service provided, limited capacity and schedule, a nightmare to circumvent. My tent is larger than a pup tent but still smaller than most peoples bathrooms it sits in a large fenced enclosure surrounded by low imposing brick barracks with sheet metal roofs. There is no shade and by 8:00am it is too hot to stay in the tent There are camera mounts every where, heavy steel doors in massive steel frames accompanied by steel window frames holding heavy bullet proof lexan windows. Brick, concrete steel, cameras, heavy locks, intercoms, alarm bells, separate cells,
locked out guard observation rooms……
Happy Birthday Bert.. this government imposed nightmare continues, promises of “solutions”: a place to call home with a tenancy agreement and money to pay for it….
I would like to know what this place cost the taxpayer to operate in comparison to a proper place to call home….
I would like to know why the government thinks i need constant baby sitting, restriction of my citizens normal rights and freedoms while denyinng me my right to privacy.
Why is our government picking on me and the other homeless………



Jennifer Allen Tlingit Nation Supports Site Security @ newly established Tent City Vancouver W Hastings DTES Neighbourhood