No Soft Incarceration.    HOMES NOT JAILS!

I proclaim I saw a vision before me today within the dry heat of divide

at Super InTent City

People broken

yet strong,


yet strong,


yet strong…
wondering IF we are to get all needs met…
I saw a vision within this VICPD Divided state with housed managers of all sorts
and the homeless themselves trying to be strong yet divided.
Out and out divided and ruled by systems and powers seemingly out of their control.
So, what to do what to do what to do?
What I saw and felt was ghost like beings walking about who may have been ancestors…
I saw…
some people moving out…
out of Soft Incarceration State…
Out of Police State…
I wonder, might this vision have been not just mine?
Might this vision threaten to encourage the servant class to leave Vikkktoria and let people wipe their own

toilets, bathtubs, dishes, floors, windows, dishes, cook their own meals, wash their own clothes, make their own snacks, find other tenants to sell each other out and go to grocer for themselves…etc, etc, etc!