I hear a lot of folks talking about…
…how much SIC helped get a lot of folks temporary housing and maybe some actual housing,
…brought forward a lot of their visions like the one SIC Society wants: an eco village and mini tent city and a building that folks can go into when ready.  It is adapting as they go along.
…how they got many other folks off streets who really needed it badly, great precedent and I agree with that and more.
And yes, there are folks going to get displaced AGAIN and we know many do not want to move into these temporary soft incarceration sites.  They should not HAVE to! Some want to and that is what is critical, that those who WANT to go in get to.
Others, well, they can’t can’t go back into shelters due to, wait for it, TRAUMA that occurred while IN shelters!
A resident says it clearly at Rally that is going up on vimeo right now.
Many know this, yet, here we are…They do not need mental health facilities, they need home.
CTEHV is letting SIC know we support them.
What ever we can do to support each of thier dreams, we also see that many have created families and seem to want to stay with them, how lovely!
We support that for sure!
Highly recommend it too!
We are definitely going to bare witness.  Alison Acker is going to be announcing workshop at SIC on how to witness, more coming on that one soon.
Fact is that some are NOT going IN and we are going to defend this, protect them best we can, work with them to find other sites, ALL of them get to get support to be in housing they chose.
We got a system to change and its best we keep the pressure on and keep it going…
Its a new day thanks to the unhoused homeless residents at SIC, who knows what folks might do now, so much growth has occurred, can we learn and have a forward failure model?
I and others can guarantee that the VICPD are going to be working like nuts to get as many OUT before the 8th, so, PLEASE GO and bare witness from now till then and especially on the 8th, keep your calendar open that day!