We had a real aggressive person, aka “agent provocateur” come to a meeting at Super InTent City July 23.  It was a planning meeting for party on 27.

Its been so busy I was not able to get these out, so, here they are, a Victoria special!  This guy in Black Label hoody was a jerk to Ashley, she dealt real well and, as soon as I started to ask him the same questions he asked her, he left quickly, disapeared, I wold find out later he seemed to have gone in and out of some folks tents.

Video .  This is him in the middle of first five shots:


He moved around quickly, as soon as we asked him a question, he’d be gone.  Then suddenly back and in your face…IMG_1392IMG_1393

then gone.  Then back again…

He had a lot of people paying attention, which is good…


then he went off in and out of people’s tents, then over to security and bathroom, after that, he again went off passed me and into tents then gone.

It is sad really.  Confounds folks, look at faces in reaction to this man being rude and disruptive?

We managed our meeting, we had a great party on 27th and rally on 28.  It all worked out so far.  Whew!

SIC homeless residents took this farther than anyone has so far, we are winning.

Just as a warning.  He was disruptive, in and out of people’s tents even and no one seemed to know him.

Out of towner I suppose, it is tourist season.

this is him leaving: