Published on Jul 3, 2016

SIC resident shares their perspective of Fire inspection and does so from up in a tree. Oh life of tying down fly’s at Super inTent City.
After I filmed this I did a walk around and found many folks in a real stressed out place actually. Much of their stuff had been moved around and, although they passed the inspection, it seems that police and Don Evans are breathing down their necks to get signed up for new buildings. Although some want to go in and will, we have definitely heard from folks who are far too traumatized to go in and do much better with each other on their own.
So, leave them alone right? Unless you have a warrant, just stop with the dead bodies and let folks handle the daily thievery and claims of bike chop shop stuff I’d say anyways! That was hard to say!

Also, nothing personal but, why is Portland Hotel Society still there exactly? So confusing as to cost’s right?
As Ana points out, oatmeal and sandwiches and I add light clean up, right? Locals can do that no? Rich Coleman you messed UP Big Time Bad and, workers, you got to get it together. Why not do a job action in solidarity or something?
I do get how we are all in a conundrum. And I thought we knew that these are not normal days!

I also think its time for community members and tent city dwellers to get back to talking discussing and planning for moves into areas where smaller groups can go, begin to develop the temporary micro housing sites and transition later to more permanent situations. Not to judge since cops been keeping them busy, stigma, media, and so on…

I am reminded about how mini tent cities will always exist as long as this unhealthy economics system does.

No Justice No Peace.  Build Homes Now. Our Homes Can’t Wait. Mini Tent Cities Spread Out. Micro Housing. Social Housing is 30% of Income!

IF you can leave us out there to fend for ourselves and not barely blink an eye while you criminilise, yet, as son as we go in, why do you have managers/gate keepers and say “you can’t take care of yourselves? B.S is what that is.

Housed peeps with privilege are just as fucked up as us poor and homeless so, stop stigmatizing, all of you!
Respect. For real, like it or not I can’t be like you, I am me. You are you and we are we and we are all together…
Reminds me of that Beatles song.