I had film of the June 8th SIC VICPD “Wellness Check” I beleive was a sting operation on Super InTent City.  I could be wrong.  I got some advice and decided to let the footage on Youtube in order to help the residents whose rights seem to be stepped on…

I was at a meeting at TAPS when a Tent City resident came in and said there were VICPD all over tent city and going thru all the tents.

I filmed only about half the incident.  It is very confusing as to what was going on.

The first officer says they are looking for an injured body, you’d think they’s have some medical people nearby?  This information about an injured body came from who?

Here is a link to all of them with audio off, number 10 is coming.

Hey Bruce, you want to try and do 10 with no audio?  Not sure wjhy I am having difficulty?  Thanks brother!