Barely keeping up now…

I feel like i have absolutely no control and everything is moving too fast…


Lived Experience Advisory Council


Kym…. be still in your heart.  Let the whirlwind happen around you but do not become a part of it…  If you feel you cannot keep up, listen to your body’s call to settle down and breathe, sit and breathe..
You are an amazing strong Transgender two spirit Man with the insight and ability to move mountains… but more importantly, to move people…

The spotlight sheds alot of heat… step out of that light for a minute and fond some quiet solitude for a few minutes… center… breathe… refocus on the simplicity of doing good things for others….at the center of this… at the core of all this…that is what you are doing…. good things for others.

Do not let the colonialists settle in your spirit… stay strong… be who you are, who we all love… your friends and allies and supporters… you are in the middle of a storm… storms never last do they?!
Like all other storms, this storm will pass and when it does you will see clearly to a new day… we are thinking of you, we love you and even if you can’t see us or hear us from the eye of the storm… we are here for you.
I cannot wait to see what kind of change all this is spurring … but I know for certain that it will and, as YOU are an active participant that it will be good things for many many people in the future… near and distant.

I dreamt of you last night… you held a crow in one hand and you were crying. you whispered “I’m tired… take my crow, Holly”.. you were surrounded by wolves and bears and all kinds of animals from turtle island.. you were being protected… I took your crow.. and we circled you and you laid and rested and then I woke. I smudged for you at 6

I will smudge for you and all of us again at noon after I eat.  I wish there was a way for me to help with food or with finances for SIC and it’s people at ground zero…but I don’t have much for myself in those kinds of resources.

Smudging and a soft prayer for your good health and support is what I have to offer.

I am proud of you.  I am proud to call you my friend and I am proud to call you my colleague.
Don’t let this storm sway you from knowing your doing good work and are an amazing leader and game changer!





My heart was so powerfully moved my friend, thank you so much for this blessing for me and Super InTent City.  I felt it and still do. I really have to share this as you have moved me so.

Thank you for your prayers and smudging, the timing is perfect, we warriors respond well and deeply to love and prayers, we are most sensitive to them and the warrior from within is being awakened on a global as well as local level, if you ask me.

The People suffer yet, like it or not, we rise together: Given it may very well be the end of a particular way of life that, to which I am grateful we are finally laying to rest an ugly system, we just got to let it pass over…we got to have boundaries and have more boundaries and protect for, as I been saying for years there can be no healing without protection. As we protect hearts open all over. Ya ever notice that?

I added a lot this this copy hey?

Colonial and other Hierarchical systems is what is being layed to rest, we resist and we build too!

That dream is a powerful one for me, resonates deeply.  I want to publish this writing form you and ask for your permission.

I dreamt a lot in my life, still do, powerful ways in which my deeper old places communicate to my body.

I thank you for good health wishes and they mean more to me than anything.

I am privileged to be a part of this LEAC and thank you so much, words cannot describe the solidarity I am experiencing right now…

No matter how tired and how badly, we are moving forward.

kym a hines


Lived Experience Advisory Council