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There were far more PHS staff at SIC today, however my camera and my mind were on other things, good to remember Patrick no longer works for Our Place and Choices but Portland Hotel Society.

I wonder, when are the staff at PHS going to listen to and figure out that;

SIC Society and others at Super InTent Society are wanting to be self managing, they were mostly doing so ON THEIR OWN without help every night and you were not there then and, now that they got each other the Liberal Liars who are in trouble are pushing that marriage we all discussed at that circle number 2 that you all as humans who work for PHS did not want a forced marriage, that was PHS staff’s response to SIC saying No to PHS and Yes to meeting with the liberals re: their solutions which were great ideas; SIC Society ideas are micro housing alongside a small tent city (for them) and a mini tent city system spread out (like Eugene Oregon) and near services needed and some located near out skirts for those who need and are able to do the journey, and thirdly a building a lot like the one being made available to SIC, maybe they want to have residents councils meeting to decide together how many at SIC want to go in now.  Some will for sure however, others will need to wait a bit longer, like some under the SIC Societie umbrella, they hold the idea which many community supports support which could bring Victoria Into the modern world leading.  This idea is about diversity, lead by peers and run by, well, maybe PHS if they can see how great an idea it is.

Either that or do a job action?  Are you union?  Throwing out some ideas.

Why are some from Choices suddenly coming to me today saying that allegedly Choices have evicted some residents from Choices last couple of days.  Rumour has it Choice’s is closing and that is a concern to me as I was concerned that tenters who went to Choices in hopes of micro_housing are possibly maybe being let down?

Lets hope not!

For real!  I want to suggest that folks chose to stick together as others seem to have in other tent cities.  Stick to your group and move your community ideas into reality.  No mater what happens in court, we got to stick together iin our groups/families.  Two camps might be better than one.  I am sure. So…

A) Self management is better.  For everyone. Always. In every way. Participatory research knows it cause feminist’s brought that to academic research studies.

B) Resident councils can  organise amongst themselves withLived Experienced PEERS who are chosen by homeless helping with their needs as they present them.  We suggest in the DSHP for Autonomous Societies that we get funding for Anti oppression training,  Non Violent communication and consensus model training in order to empower in that “Nothing About Us Without Us” model.

Pest control


Paths are clear.








Tents are organized.


Fire and safety are good to go.

Good work community.

Even within the conflicts that may well play out in a court room, no matter what, WE ALREADY WON and for many of us, no matter what comes out, politically and spiritually speaking, many of us will never stop supporting SIC no matter how many times they have to move!

When we have so much support from housed to city council and Mayor, well, we can only move forward and envision the best for all.  I mean it!

hothead aka kym a. hines

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