Enough said.

There Can Be No Healing Without Protection.

We, as front line activist’s are usually short on resources.  We as Lived Experience who’ve been around for a bit and miraculously are still here need some help now. Specifically, I still need help to keep up with the filming work for justice.

The quickest for now is: Computer External Hard drive help for my mac book, and bring my computer in for a tune up.

I got LOADS of film and “Scripts are full” messages out the arsehole and all I want to do is put out a short less than a minute long and I am being stopped due to LACK OF RESOURCES.

I got a home.  I have a skill, I cannot sit idle while my homeless family are under attack by police and Rich Coleman and Poverty Industry all of which are highly funded.

I got raging grannies and strong hearted souls and I need a Mac Book Pro so I can get these DONE and out to social media and help now.  

I do know I am working on an editor I know who might be able to help me take all this amasing footage and help set the structure for an incredible short film on SIC, including the build up!

If possible, Ana and I strategised:

I get a Mac Book Pro and she gets this mac book (we will give it a tune up after I transfer my stuff to new Mac Book Pro (2nd hand is great too) and take advantage of this amasing monitor I got and whip UP the shorts that are begging to get out!  We buy an external hard drive just for SIC, cause its cheap and, set it up so that we can share the external hard drive between us and BOOM we can start their idea of SIC Society Live Streamed….

Some will say they can “go to library” and, well, yeah, its full over there A and B folks at SIC are under constant police harassment and feel they ought to not leave their comrades.

I do not believe we have to be stopped by lack of resources.

we got 11 days till court

11 days to hold the fort. 

bring loads of love/food/drink and just watch

the response to love

there can be NO healing without protection

email me if you want to help purchase or gift us with these items which will help homeless get their voice out more direct to you, the people.