Narcon Saves Lives Than VICPD Willingly Rush In To Criminilise Those Same Lives, Soon After and often RIGHT AFTER.


Calling all Justice Lovers, life liver’s, smile givers, respect lovers, I ask that you right now consider changing your plans and go to Super InTent City, witness, walk thru, you will be so welcomed and this wee simple act of kindness will be rewarded once you establish you are a friendly and just coming to bare witness, you might receive instant looks of shock as this loving attention, the protective watchful eye is new to folks, those of us who got extra, bring it on down! Loved is LOVED AND WANTED on this journey and to do so in a respectful manner is easy, just don’t pick a fight.  Simple as that really.   One can feel the high alert is on, people have good communication of streets when under the gun, waiting for boulder to drop, waiting for an incident because the police cause stress that causes incidents.

The only good thing about this police presence right now is it is bringing us more together.
There are still some of us who are learning a lot, some need more educating than others.
Forward Failure Models Rocks Socks Off Of Hawks!

VICPD are going in and standing by tents and staring in and agitating verbally.

Its shameful, video is here:
If you have love, and care and compassion, bring that with you. I hung out with two adult friends and a young 10 year old friend. Nice to bring family energy to police state tensions. We all hung outside the young folks tent whom the police been picking on, they really needed the love, they still do as a matter of fact!
They felt safe and protected by our presence, we got to hang and relax and enjoy the warm sun on our skin.