Thank you Alliance Against Displacement and all you amasing folks are numerous, Thanks for a great Tent City Summit and Public Panel event!

“Waking up inspired from a two day summit put on by the Alliance Against Displacement on dispossession and displacement. We were able to represent with 7 residents and 3 supporters from Super InTent City. Five communities in total – Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, DTES, Surrey and Vic. So much work to do!

But moving forward feeling more coordinated and stronger as a movement led by “poor and proud” people.

Thanks to those who took time out of busy schedules to participate and those who helped us get folks over to Van.”

thanks Tami Starlight for these next three photo’s and taking a photo of VANDU foto of police!





thanks VANDU for this photo of police state, and, it was great to hang with VANDU members!

I got a lot out of this event, thanks to organisers and cooks and chauffeurs!  Good job.  We learned a lot.  Was a great panel saturday night, I mean GREAT!  FUll house I am sure, lots of lived experience were part of day time day one, all were present for panel!  More on that panel later cause I really got a lot out of it, each speaker brought so much knowldege and I was moved.  Audience participation time was informative as well.  Day two was also informing and a chance to give feedback.

I brought the DSHP, Diverse Social Housing Proposal for Autonomous Societies:


I handed that out to mostly tent city residents as well as other activist’s, one of which was a speaker on panel Saturday night panel and I got to get a copy of her talk, I liked it a lot.

To get back focus, I met with tent city residents as a lived experience of homelessness person who is an anti poverty harm reduction activist who was involved in the use and some off and on illegal drug trade (mostly MDA, Acid, used small amounts of illicit drugs such as heroin, tried and never liked cocaine.) from 16-21.  We agreed during break that its a good idea at a summit that we get time to meet together alone, as is necessary and so valuable for any group who is oppressed.  

I did not have a camera so,m am waiting for photo’s from Ashley, oh, here is one, poor Ashley is so tired, thanks for this and post Ashley:




last photo courtesy Linzy Nelson

Two reasons we need to UNITE and meet as supporters, residents and do it with the most care and with the knowledge that we are all learning:

this occurred first:


This one right after and, there are nine more where this next one came from:

Will we Unite and RIse, or, will we fall from a divide?

In the end, no matter what, those who were homeless moved this forward with the help of many supporters with much diversity and, we all need to heal, all of us, no one is free from this need.

PS: I have gleaned this as well this past few months:

If and when First Nations do protocol around a sacred fire, each nation has different protocol, what seems to be a common practice is that those who lead a fire are asked, or, are enacting their nations protocol within another nations lands thru protocol including asking for permission formally.

I was asked and had a hard time finding this out and no one wold v=give me a quote due to tensions within Lkwungen Territories.


I am a visitor in Lkwungen Territory who is under duress due to colonial oppression.