For all communities everywhere trying to Rise Up as those living in poverty and ALL the amasing community supports, who have gathered around those suffering the most and want to learn and unlearn and radically change ourselves thus this sick society:
Just look at the amasing work folks are doing right now, even thru the pain and suffering and hurt feelings.  We haver pro bono  legal people, all kinds of community folks, do not allow some strife to turn your gaze away from the prize!
Loving Heads Up:
When organizers with great intentions from outside your own communities decide and strategise their plans without full full consultation with established anti poverty groups and all the diverse supporters directly involved within each locality (try and understand they too are up against systemic oppression as they try and build social movements, its not easy) : it sadly often and mostly systemically fucks with each local community organizers work, it undermines community based supports and creates division and anger with loads of assuming of who was “in on this organising”.
Question is: Will we learn from this and move forward or scrap like dogs in dirt till we are successfully divided, which is systems desire, to divide us!
So, lets not do the “throw one under the bus” thing, lets not be rabid dogs circling the “one we think is to blame” cause guess what?  We are all to blame.  Why?  Cause we are all learning about how to Decolonise as we go along.
Good intentions mean a LOT to me so, lets learn like good ole Decolonising peoples that we are!  I know we all want to be respected in what we do and have done.  Fact remains, we got to be all to all since our numbers are so little.  We got to all take the higher road so that when folks look back at this time and space they can say :wow, they ere really in the battle deep and yet look at how they all moved forward?  Look at how they all were able to see how they all needed to take responsibility and look the amasing results of this community’s commitment to social change, even when it was hurting them all so much?”
Arrogant reactions help no one; Lets learn, and move forward and EVERYBODY step back and. with your big hearts and in a loving manner keeping in mind HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE; work together and get back our self respecting self esteem and feel that Love radiating from hearts strongly held together by the fact that we are all a part of problem therefore we are all responsible for continuing the push forward within this amasing community building.
None of us are free until we are all free so, once again we move forward, right?  Up to each of us, we know what we got to do, we got Decolonising to do!
No one is free from the work of decolonising, no matter your colour, race, gender or nothing, if you were raised in any colonial school, you need help just like I do!
We need each other.
Remember who you are, and know that you got some unlearning and rebuilding to do just like me!


So, lets be inspired by actions such as this:

“Whiners” Occupying BC Housing Office Demand Social Housing Now and Hands Off Victoria’s Tent City!

VANCOUVER, UNCEDED COAST SALISH TERRITORIES: This morning, Tuesday June 7th, activists with Alliance Against Displacement occupied the BC Housing office at Hastings and Gore with two demands for the BC Liberal government: 1) End homelessness by building 10,000 units of social housing every year, and; 2) Stop criminalizing and displacing the homeless, cancel the injunction and displacement threat against Super InTent City in Victoria.

This occupation is part of escalating actions in response to the homelessness and displacement crisis that must be treated as a state of emergency in British Columbia. Minister Coleman called people like us “whiners” who are not satisfied with the government’s action around homelessness. We are calling for whiners to unite to end homelessness!
Minister Coleman’s policy rhetoric hurts the poor
We are occupying a BC Housing office because BC’s Minister of Housing Rich Coleman is operating his ministry to manage and modify, not end homelessness. Coleman repeated claims that the BC Liberals’ $50 million a year for housing is “historic” are only true if history starts in 1993, during the rise of neoliberalism and austerity. Before that, starting in the early 70’s the government built about 2,000 units of social housing a year in BC and BC did not have a homelessness crisis. ”

See more at:

Also, we meet this Saturday in Vancouver for what looks like an amasing panel discusion!

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In ending, this is hard work, and I want to take the time to thank everybody involved in support of our homeless family down at Super InTent City, Abby Diggs and Maple Ridge as well as all other homeless who tent and sleep in the rough in BC, across Canada and Globally (a special loving hug goes out to all hose who are hurt so bad they hurt others, calling people names and filling ears and hearts with more hurt, piling hurt on hurt in their own hearts ,you are all forgiven cause we already won and we got to look in mirrors and forgive self):
All of our voices from hearts wounded are needed.
Systemic oppression, we got to hold accountable, forgive and move forward and building as we go, with the least amount of resources in society, we are not doing so bad…
when you think about it…