A new friend from Super InTent City shared his letter with me which he sent to Lisa Helps. I asked him if I could share it as it is so timely.

You ask me a lot “what of tent city?”  I thot Kyles letter was a great answer: it will be what we make of it.  Thru the joy of coming together, thru the conflicts that rise over time in a space over capacity for this long with no regular supports, only temporary bandaids offered… will we/they be able to regain what was lost, how can we redo,

June 6, 2015

Kyle James Wright

That is Kyle to the right of me hamming it up.  We were organising for the Rally.


Regarding the ongoing Homelessness Issue we are currently facing.

Hi Lisa,

I write this with passions and genuine concern and well being of many members of the community. I think we may need to have a conversation regarding what all these people are doing in the process that provides capabilities and assurance that we are not just being set up to fail and be worse off then we have been in the past.

Without some kind of assurance it is going to be extremely complex and we will have to redo certain sections of progress that has been accomplished thus far. It may be a good idea that could/should already be in action??

Hopefully in the process, Its time to make a professional presentation/proposal for continuous supports and encouragement to bind and develop ourselves in a forward, healthy and considerate direction. With a drive force that will give us no choice to not neglect the humanitarian aspects of our precious endangered lives.

Dollars wasted on nonsense and no true answer in cooperation with the certain eviction and displacement, coupled with and relative to mental health. I know there are people here in Victoria that have and share similar points of view and have better ideas along with the use of their time.

I’m curious to see who these people are and what they may have for some ideas. Perhaps collaboration between the equal and uneven ground can be established, although who really knows when they don’t work as a team.

We are all people after all, some seem genuine but who?

Thank you for your help, assuming this is possible.




Is this other foto a Linzy Nelson?


above foto by Linzy Nelson.