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Hothead Responds to “Creative Steps to End Homelessness:A Mayors Panel”

Creative Steps to End Homelessness A Mayor’s Panel

Monday, May 30th @ 7:00 pm First Met Sanctuary. The panel will include:

  • Mayor Piercy of Eugene, Oregon where micro-housing has helped address homelessness
  • Mayor Clugston of Medicine Hat, AB, the first Canadian city to eliminate homelessness
  • Mayor Lisa Helps of Victoria

I went tonight and want to say thank you to First Metropolitan for hosting and thanks to Our Place for bringing them. Thank you to Lisa Helps for your input.

My one request after tonight and I got to get it out now: I want to ask that all Mayors, from this moment onward support citizens in the USA and Canada to engage feds and province’s / state’s to BUILD social housing and lobby for a Livable 4 All Income guarantee.  I believe we ought to get unions on board around re: this must be minimum wage, rank and file has got to get involved in this as it helps take care of three groups virtually ignored by society, poor, elderly and disabled.

Although I am happy for those who got housed and wanted it, I have concerns about Mayor Clugston’s and Medicine Hats methods of housing folks. I am still not clear, which merely has me wanting to dig deeper and ask folks in Alberta to please ask folks housed in Medicine Hat in Housing First Buildings “do you like your housing and, how is the community around you?”

How did Medicine Hat really house folks? The man who was refusing to go inside, where is he now and is he happy with his home? How much of a boost for middle class occurred with rent subsidies? How much affordable housing at 30% of income was built or, is it all subsidized housing with at least two staff on at all time gatekeeping more than anything? Is all the supportive housing the kind where gate keepers control who visits you including the fact that often no family or partners can stay over?

Here is something Eugene understands (and kudo’s to their mayor and citizens)

Tiny home (Village’)s are a feasible, cost effective option to house Lane County’s homeless and marginally housed populations… It is also projected that tiny home villages will create communal support, benefitting residents’ likelihood of long-term housing, employment, and contentment.” (Quote from below source)

People often want to live in close proximity to each other, believe it or not. Within civilization many of us would chose communal living where more fresh air was involved as well! A lot of inside air is “unhealthy”, building’s are often Sick Buildings! We need to share more, more safety in numbers, food sharing and child rearing sharing. Divide and rule colonialism has hurt our communities, we are rising up to take back what is ours, our very life. All over, globally we must unite and fight for Life!  Please go and check out the DSHP for Autonomous Societies:

You’d see we are encouraging us ALL to only build in a Passive House LEED style building. Why not, in this day and age we ought to have double windows and proper doorframes that are cost affective. Solar! Communal and environmentally sustainable.!New-study-recommends-tiny-home-villages-to-increase-affordable-housing/c20k2/572b75030cf2c0d03b683511

“New study recommends tiny home villages to increase affordable housing

May 5, 2016

SquareOne Villages recently participated in a study conducted by U.C. Berkeley’s School of Public Policy. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Portland, Oregon Field Office tasked the top ranked public policy analysis program in the country with evaluating the feasibility of using tiny home villages to address the affordable housing shortage in Lane County.

This week, the group released the following report:

“Making a Tiny Deal Out of It: A Feasibility Study of Tiny Home Villages

to Increase AffordableHousing in Lane County, Oregon”

It’s estimated that the need for affordable rental units in Lane County is more than four times greater than what is currently being provided. Those luck enough to receive a Section 8 voucher in the most recent cycle had applied more than six years prior. With such a dire housing shortage, it’s no wonder why continues to experience a significant homeless population.

The report recommends, “Tiny homes are a feasible, cost effective option to house Lane County’s homeless and marginally housed populations

It is also projected that tiny home villages will create communal support, benefitting residents’ likelihood of long-term housing, employment, and contentment.

To reach this conclusion, the group analyzed implementation feasibility (including building and zoning codes, land availability, and necessary community support), cost and funding streams available, and metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of tiny home villages. Our projects provided two distinct village models to study—Opportunity Village as a transitional model and Emerald Village as a permanent model.
The report finds: “Future developers in Eugene can benefit from the example set by SquareOne Villages, the organization that built Opportunity Village and is planning Emerald Village. Since the process of permitting and zoning a tiny home village has already succeeded in Eugene, developers could follow the established path.”

Read the full report here:”

Thanks Mayor and council for considering this (I been calling it “small en cities spread out and supported by community for a couple of years now):

“Eugene Safe SpotsBasic Shelter and Community

IMG_0998These projects, technically called “rest-stops,” are an initiative of the City of Eugene, Oregon to provide safe and legal places for individuals and couples to sleep at night. Any non-profit organization involved in providing basic shelter needs can submit proposals to the City to manage a ‘rest-stop.’ Currently, CSS manages three rest-stops which we call Safe Spots Camp Communities. Our Safe Spot Camps have several features that make it a very basic, but livable environment for people without other shelter options. These include (1) a set of rules that provide a system of support to it’s residents, (2) porta-potties, (3) trash/recycling service, (4) a source of drinkable water, (5) a fire pit, (6) a small covered space for common use and meetings, (7) platforms for tents with covers for the winter months, (8) bi-monthly check-in meetings, (9) a useable address, or documentable location (not for receiving mail), and (10) an environment that makes peer and social support more of a possibility for peoples lives.

How Does Someone Apply and Get a Platform?


Those that are experiencing homelessness can come to the Community Supported Shelters office and fill out an application to get into a Safe Spot Camp Community. The office is open from 10am to 2pm Monday thru Friday. Because of the high demand for legal places for sleep, we currently prioritize a few specific populations in the existing three camps. One Safe Spot Camp focuses on individuals that are more vulnerable to the ‘streets,’ like individuals with disabilities, one prioritizes veterans and the other prioritizes young people. We will be opening our next Safe Spot Camp for single women and couples. We give more consideration to people who are checking on their application on a weekly basis.

Basic ‘Safe Spot’ Rules


The rules of CSS Safe Spot Camp Communities are mixture of City requirements and rules created by our Safe Spot campers and CSS staff. The primary intention of the rules is to provide a safe environment for people in our Safe Spot Camps. Some of the basic rules are as follows: the Safe Spot grounds must be vacated from 10am to 4pm Monday thru Friday, there is no drinking or drug use allowed on the premises, campers must treat each other in a way that is respectfully of each other needs, and campers belongings must not spread two feet away from their platforms.”


Thank you to all Mayors for sure, and a special shout out to Kitty Piercy: may we all follow in her foot steps and keep pushing this further, time is of the essence what with global transition OUT of Violent Greed Kapitalism.  MAY WE ALL LEAD AS WELL.

That is what it is going to take, all of us demanding Feds and Provinces cough up the money and WE insure that we change shit for the better!  This is now Global, when you consider the fact that the middle class are supporting Syrian refugee’s, pretty much, and so, the feds and seemingly the provinces are NOT taking care of anyone BUT themselves, for the most part…

We got to rise up.





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