My friend Mary Vickers came down to Super InTent City (SIC) today, was warm there compared to my cold apartment!   Great to say Hey to Noah Ross, Doug, saw Gizmo and that made me smile!

We bumped into some smiley faces, great to see Rev. Nancy Ford who just got back from Winnipeg, I’ll let her tell you about that, I do know there was a lot of competition as to where she could have gone today and I feel its a great gift to SIC that she chose SIC.  Great to see Paul as well, a housed supporter who like others down there, just do not stop!  Kudo’s to all of you, there are too many to list however, you are all appreciated by someone at SIC and that is critical as everybody is somebody.


We had camera crews hanging can see them in background here…


A resident at SIC helping take gravel and do pathways…good job brother!


He is explaining whats been done and how much is left to do re: pathways…they are getting thru.



Rev. Al was not in, he might be home now though.

I and others await Rich Coleman, the poverty pimp King’s, announcement on what seems to me to be a surprise inspection on last Wednesday’s welfare day at SIC; no surprise folks are NOT interested in having bureaucracy to deal with on the: once a month pay your bills, rest and not have to go to a line up day!  The line up came to their doors!

I think it was not cool to pull that and might bite the minister and Liberals in the butt in the end.

I’ve heard that, if you play dirty, dirty will follow you around.   Beware.

Thanks for all the walk by’s of love and support, thank you friends who’ve been watching the backs of our homeless and bare witness as needed.

Thank you for holding each other accountable then forgiving and moving forward as community…


What I know for a fact is there is a large group down at SIC who wold love and work for this: