Was great to see Reverend Allen outside his tent, nice spot you got and, nice chair to chillax in (good one hey?), I found Bert and friend hanging with Allen.  We played musical chairs and even shared that chair, the relaxer!

Was real nice to hang.



Here are some photo’s of site from earlier today, when I went it was actually quiet.  Than, from yesterday, the site looks good and sounds good.

Just a note: last night I guess residents at SIC had to deal with a person who needed to leave SIC due to their behaviours.  A friend of mine was there and shared the story with me earlier today.  Bottom line is the residents dealt.  A few minutes later the calvary showed up, a few cop cars and many officers came and asked where the tne people fighting were.  It was dealt with.


So, I ask: I want to know DEETS about the residents in the area who are supposedly calling police re: issues at tent city.  I am beginning to suspect that naive neighbors or folks who are helping in the criminilising of poor by calling for every little thing, are they wasting the police’s time?

Here are photo’s of some clean up and the site:







Rest well all residents at SIC!  I heard Rev. Allen went to all tents to see how folks felt about him bringing a tent in, he got consensus!  Way to go!

May love and a sense of justice unite us all.