I guess the amp can is coming OUT!!!!!
Oh Yeah!
Done I am.
Love has got to shine and it does so in Actions Only …
Sometimes The World Is So Beautiful I Have To Shoot Rainbows Out Of My Eyes!
Come on Team Love, Team Protect, Team Change and TEAM Move Ahead!
Super InTent City Needs YOU to to a Drive By Loving!
Dr.Gabor Matte books are being lived out and love is needed.
Some are lashing out at each other in anger, in pain, generational blaming of other.
Why? HAte and Stigma is in media and it brings out the worst in all of us!!!
Hurting and re-hurting of each other, at any moment one can just STOP like this moment, and love, simply love.
It is all we got!
You can probably pick out the VICE photo’s?  They are the super ones!