Above and below we have welcomer’s on behalf of SIC who are welcoming folks all day and receiving donations, great to see folks dropping off resources, sharing information on behalf of SIC residents on this day May 20, 2016

Media does not tell us all!

Here below you see police driving by and two officers on foot in the Mason Park, lovingly called by many on the street, The Dead Zone. It has very old graves of some of the early colonist’s, many were Masons.   These officers are in radio contact with officers on ground at SIC.


So, if you look up you’ll see a police van, and police returning a blue bike to a SIC resident? I guess a SIC resident was taken in cause VICPD thought he stole a bike, they released the fellow and got a hold of a guy who was seeking his stolen bike, that guy came to SIC as VICPD set that up, turns out, it was NOT the stolen bike.  Hmm?  This problem with people stealing is actually a small number of people doing it, yet, its felt by many.   Below you see the guy/housed person walking back to his vehoicle cause it was not his bike and the SIC resident got his bike back.

Katherine got Bruce and I up to speed on some weird just thown at them new “fire and safety” issues beurocracy threat, I think?  Anyways, all is well, they got great lawyers and like I said, its great they are getting support, good work SIC and supporters and thanks for update Katherine. See earlier blog about Tents Needed…

In ending…


“Choices Shelter”, which is yet another temporary shelter, whom many at SIC are not able to go to, gets a lot or resources right now. Not all at SIC are eligible to go to Choices.

There are currently at least two groups formed at SIC.  We also have many individuals, some of  who have chosen each other to live with, as well as a lot of other individuals, some are still occasionally released from jail with no supports and many of htem do go to SIC for the harsh transition out of jail back to so called normal society.

Still some of the other over 1300 homeless in Victoria make it to SIC.  That number came from the Point In Time homeless count the Liberals asked for.

Critical fact:

Sandy Merriman house is SHUTTING DOWN in 4 DAYS!: and now we have women who are desperate for shelter who really NEED HOMES!  SOCIAL HOUSING ACTUALLY!  Many of them do not want to go to Rockbay for a=varios reasons and its a travesty if the Province does not get something for them!  Again, Social Housing Now @ 30% of income.   I can honestly say I’d ONLY WANT CRD to be the HOUSING PROVIDER for buildings managed in a self governeing way, I am sure they are open to it if I recall from a convo I had with two of them.  They are indeed the best to work with I’d say.

There are also those living at SIC who are seeking land or a contract with liberals to help get housing built for themselves,those who are often not eligible to stay at Choices: their budget is low as compared to Choices, they have so far, I think, asked for either a micro housing eco village model or,  a bit of land to tent on as well for those who are not eligible for existing shelters and want permanent long term solutions, rather than more poverty pimping and “Gate Keeping” NON self governing shelters, which again, they are NOT eligible to stay in.

This was the first group at SIC to form a society, Ana and DOUg and such, they lead and now others are doing the same.  I am excited for them all and beleive that all must have their needs met.  Since there are so many supporters for SIC still, contrary to popular belief pushed by corporate owned media, it is definitely possible for us to love them all and support them all, and we must!

All groups who form, including Micro Housing Victoria has a right to land and support. I will repeat, I am excited for them all!  This is community building when diversity can exist and ALL can be cared for with no punitive judgment.  This is what democracy looks like, it wanted to be the opposite of NIMBY’ISM.  We got to be careful of that slippery slope my friends…

I know we all understand this.

We have ascertained that there are loads of resources going to Choices and still donations being dropped off.

It’s harder living at SIC with fewer resources, these are still many of the same folks you all wanted to love and help and support no matter, for long-term solutions. They are there still and, still NOT eligible for shelters.

Ok then.

So, since we got diverse needs and at least two societies formed at SIC, maybe we got to…