People who are homeless/unhoused at SIC are trying to organise amongst themselves for the first time, some for the first time in 20 years that they’ve been homeless here in Lkwungen Territory and they are only 36.

Many are dealing with a LOT of other people’s issues besides their own while trying to empower themselves to run their own society. It seems that some were angry they did this, somehow jealous?

Even I was not in the loop however, this is not about me, its about them so, its was easy for me to be proud for them!  After all, I been working on the Diverse Social Housing Proposal for Autonomous Societies and its all about folks leading all over to form societies and build community!  I am not alone, many others had such models and want so bad to live with others in community.

So, here is what I have learned and I am only 54, we all got to build community cause no one is going to do it for us.

The anger many have been expressing just proves we got to decolonize all of our lives, no one is free from it, divide and rule colonial influence makes us all enslaved within this oppressive system we suffer unnecessarily within.  Some more than others and some times more than other times. Other residents and their supporters could come together with their peeps and form a village.

Some attack and are angry, glaring, smirking even, its sad but, parr for the course in this oppressive systemic nightmare called “civilized society” so, lets just frigging move on.

The general homeless at SIC and their agenda does not seem to have changed, they are still in need of support to follow thru with what they’d like, many of them have worked with folks like Allen Tysick for years, many I have known for years, many are new and formed relationships with many new folks, some went to youth detention and are building micro houses and still, no land, temporary shelter, fed daily, still within an institutionalized setting, come to SIC a lot…

Those left at SIC, they want a chance and I think we ought to love them thru conflicts and consider not being punitive nor judgemental.

Capacity has grown and, even tho many have thought about/asked/suggested that those who are able please make a move to another location, those who are the most needy are the ones who started this tent city, why can’t we support them to stay and get thru to the other side of their court case and hopefully find a spot for their society to build their village…? We have WAY MORE folks and that alone makes it tougher, we faced conflicts and many did not come out all “shiny” after that and it was definitely not a “one sided” problem that conflict around the fire and communication, control issues as to “who speaks for SIC or me”? As many can bare witness to.

None of us are perfect after all. However, why not NOT allow this divide to hurt our homeless family but bring us together?

If folks are “bad talking” others, that is not a nice spirit! Lets dispell the rumours.  Residents did get into some fighting, many people fight, we got to learn how to fight: we hold each other accountable and move on.

Are we going to allow fighting to divide or, take the next step into healing community and all of us hold each other accountable as needed and ask ourselves, “how would I do this differently next time” and realise that maybe the “next time” is right in front of us?

People have formed a society and are getting support, have formed a council, are open to others joining, they want and MUST be a part of their own fire and safety council, residents who ARE living there who want to help, want to self govern and many want to learn, they still want and are getting and need support to do so, to get help and encourage them to continue to build community! Not everyone can go home and shut their door. We are not free till all are free.

We may not like each other all the time, many do not want to live together and they do not have to, however they got to be neighbours. Hmm, does that sound familiar?  I beleive SIC is overcapacity and we got to stretch ourselves out a bit more on behalf of love and community and move forward.

Trust me when I say, I am letting my heart lead. As a matter of fact, just today while at SIC helping out with police state and media swarm I borrowed my bike to a person who has borrowed it a few times before. However, due to internal fighting around the fire and supporters negatively affecting the actual homeless and the relationships they have with other supporters, my bike was stolen. The person whom I will not name cause I like him,  got caught up in some “bad mouthing” and other people’s gossip. I urge folks to not allow themselves to lower themselves to other people’s “power trips”. That is my “honest”.

It saddens me that we would even consider removing our support given the only thing that has changed is housed supporters disappointments about lost expectations, welcome to the world of lost expectations. I think we ought to be forgiving more…I’ve already forgiven the person who got caught in a “power trip trap”, I am getting a new bike next two days.

I know many would miss your smiling face if you stopped going, I know its awkward and we need to start anew, I am in. are you?   smile emoticon