I just had to get off of facebook and finish what I started and deal with digging up and out that bush.  I got to get the garden started.  The roots were all over and I had to get at it.


When I hauled it out, it left a HUGE hole!  Thanks to Sol and City Harvest I am doing my first planting of organic sweet potatoes gonna! Nummy!  Organic sweet potatoes are gonna fill up that hole space now! I also got form her basil!

I also planted Borage, Bee’s love them and so do I!  Filled with lovely oils, just eat off tree when blossom.




Chris Kennedy dropped off three bags of beautiful earth love!

Just look at me new garden.


ABOVE PHOTO: So, upper right going zig zag across: Kale, lettuce, kale, lettuce, two sweet potatoes on far right.

middle row swooping right and downward:: Strawberries, lettuce, lettuce, basil, basil hiding far right. Strawberry bottom left.


Above photo: Kale on left and pineapple sage on right.


This above is a better photo of Pineapple Sage, this one is from Hawaii, its second year, last year’s harvest I gave to sister Karen Whetung and she did a spice rub with it. I am going to dry them this year for my spice rack!


Strawberries that were hiding under all the st’johns wart decoration stuff, hope  the strawberries flower…


The garden is raised, my back loves that part.


Come on little kale’s, you can do it!   Lettuce is happy!  There were so many flowers on Eko’s strawberries!  Thanks you growers you!  I’ll take it from here.

Anyone can take a seed, plant a garden, DO IT. Find some earth and do a guerilla garden if ya have to, plant some beans bottom of poles and check up on em.  Bee’s will love you for it.

Life needs our help, while we deal with Climate refugee’s all over this globe, lets rebuild solar, grow and share gardens, build environmentally friendly passive homes, no more BS.