Are you done with having the Government give you less of your cheque and you having to go down into that line up to deal, every month or so as a Person With a Disability?  I have to go yet again as I was unable to get on line to look at my account information the last two months, I just now got into my online account  and noticed that on the 23rd of March the government only gave me 886.42 instead of my usual 906.ish?
Do you have any idea how often that happens to thousands of us trying to heal in this province?  You probably do not know that many folks are homeless due to this very oppressive system!

Did you notice that, as soon as you moved into social housing BC Hydro starts sending out threatening disconnect notices like its par for the course?

Are you done being lied to and scammed by Government Ministry of Misery?  Are you done with this oppressive state while on disability or welfare, are you done yet?  It is time to rise up and get involved in change!  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

BC Hydro bills send many of us to hellfare line ups every month!  There is a scam going on and I can smell it!  Why are the poor paying so much for hydro?  Working poor are struggling to eat almost as much as poor and homeless.

Are you tired of the bureaucracy of this system given we NEED to focus our time and energy on HEALING ourselves and this planet?  No one is going to save this planet or you but you;  only in coming together can we do this.

Are you not all completely done with this systemic oppression?  If not now, when?


Livable Income 4 All CAN and MUST BE the minimum wage for all workers right?

We must rise up as workers and insure all have homes NOW and WE GOT TO HEAL and save this fucking planet.

We need unity for that!

I am DONE WITH DISCRIMINATION AND PREJUDICE THAT KEEP US DIVIDED!  I am so so done with people I know who go on and on about “those white folks, those black folks, those first nations folks, those gays, those women, those men, those dogs…”  WTF?  It is time we all grow up!  I do not care who you are, you have something to learn and teach!  Share that shit!

I am thinking now that all poor of many colors across these lands can ask for their local unions to step up on this Livable Income and we might get it going!

Why not make it the minimum wage?

Why not have rent controls?   Why not build homes for all now!  Why not go Icelandic!

We are the only ones who can help create a mass movement from the ground up, move over old leadership hacks like Jim Sinclair and lets bring in the fresh new youthful passions that are demanding change!  I was NOT impressed at all with Jim Sinclair!  He walked a line and divided.  I am glad he is getting out of the way of movement forward, I am not interested in hearing who he chooses as a successor, more than likely a prodigy and  we need new youthful blood with the courage to lead!  I do not know of any right now who will fight for a Livable Income and start building homes for all, do you?  If you do lets move that person forward!  Lets fight and demand and make change or we die fools!

We need to decolonise and, since there are so many that survived colonisation in each continent that was conquered who can help us figure this out, lets get going! 

We all got to shove the arrogant “you don’t know my pain…”  BS out of the way cause as far as those of us colonised and angry and wanting change, it seems like millions of us are DONE Globally.  Most are just not knowing how to rise.  I see it is catching on now…lets led with love and boundaries, not with iron fist punitive judgemental arrogance! 

YOU might be the only person helps them see a way out, so watch your attitudes of judgement and holier than thou BS!  No one is free till we are all free…

Most of the people any of us know are a conquered people trying to claim back power, land, lives lost.  Lets go out with some style how about?

I am done with friends being hurt by oppressive system, to many of my friends suffer.  I am done.  I was told I got to get a thicker skin.  In some ways, yes its true.  In other ways, we got to stop taking abuse and have boundaries, people might not like it but, too bad.