Here is the day in photo’s starting and ending at Super InTent City.  I, as a disabled person, am home recuperating from yesterdays real positive activity’s.  Some folks advertised they wanted Tent City Taken Down, as it turns out, many us us learned we wanted much of the same things.

Real change and dialogue!

There were a couple of misogynist’s who showed up thinking there was going to be a whole lot of judgement towards homeless family, but, they were sorely disappointed as we united and bridged many gaps.

Writing and video will be coming later, please add your own comments.

As I was arriving at Super InTent City, police were unusually rude and interruptive. We were able to use humor, at one point I was asked by the officer on the bike to not film him, I was taking photo’s at the time.  I reminded him I had the right, he was a public official in public space, I began to film and asked him if he could repeat his request to me.

He did not.  That was merely an intimidation tactic.  When the other officer came of tent city and passed us he began to question a guest about plans for the day, we both let him know we did not know plans for the day.  He asked more questions and someone called him out about how he was acting kind of rude, he said he was invited by a certain resident.  I eventually said something to the affect of if your invited into a persons home its nice to be respectful…Some of us wanted to visit raging grannie ruth miller!  This is her with Katherine who was the original tenter.






The last two photographs are of some women from the Philippine Community who came and brought great sandwiches!  Another example of community support.

It was a full day, lots to chew on, many are now preparing for an uncertain yet creatively and desperately hopeful future…