Thank goodness about forgiveness when it comes to day to day small or big stuff.

That day to day stuff is the best place to practice “forgive and forget”.  As SIC resettles it moves forward only because of forgiveness, any given is such a gift.

I just want to take time again this sunday morning to thank everyone for helping at SIC, all supporters since way back, like the cooks Thea Hicks and so many who helped volunteer their time to food preparation, I heard Bernie Pauly has been doing once a week helping out.  Thanks to Thea, Chrissy and Dawna for loving what is part of their community, our homeless family.

Thanks to all the folks who stood by, jumped in, defended, volunteered their time and still do.  We have the eyes of Canada on us and so far, mistakes and all, we shine.  I know, go figure, who would have thought SIC wold get this far.  We now have quite a few of the original  homeless inhabitants now creating their own society, they shared “no one else wants us, so we will live with each other.”

Lets continue to support them to take on some (or more) leadership on this new ground we all walk.  I hope thier acts of courage inspire us as housed to have some courage and turn and look at our own mess in housing and give that some attention, its needed as well.   We all need healing, really.  Lets take advantage since the times are kind of screaming at us to fix and heal.  Right?

Not so new for many, as many of us have had the opportunity to relearn, thanks to a relative of Dawna aka Adua, Gord Hill helped me remember:

Learn From The PAst.

PrepAre In The Present

To Defend The Future

I believe we are all walking on new ground.  All of us trying to do the best we can often with very little resources are now doing it.

We got a lot more homeless who seek safety, we got housed being jacked up night and day, my good friend was just evicted WRONGFULLY, sentences like “hoards of homeless were going in and out of their apartment at all hours.” Oh my gawd, what horrible stigma, judgement, how very sad she is now homeless and last I spoke to her, hoped to have a tent

at the converted youth detention center.



Thanks Reverend Al for helping this past week. You help a lot of family at SIC get thru the hard times, you make us all want to do better!