I finally was able to upload SIC’s first Overnight Krew Stories.

Thanks Ana and all at SIC for making SIC safe.  Many people help to insure that happens and we are all learning new ways from each other.  Many of us have been on streets and worked front line long enough to know that old skool on streets are the best security culture going as far as community based solution.

Kudo’s to this growing community!

intentcity.ca will have these up on a regular basis soon.  I am working on issues of lack of resources but, happy with results so far.

this is a short and sweet one folks, enjoy and thanks for supporting SIC autonomy.

Respect and in solidarity with Black Lives Matter  and First Nations Sovereignty and in solidarity with the need for protection of their lands and people!


Published on Apr 19, 2016

There were people who squatted crown land in L’kwungen Territory and that act created Super InTent City. Since then much has happened, many families were formed around a need for:
“Safety and Security. No to displacement. Tent City provides community. If we are displaced we are unsafe and vulnerable, together we are strong.
Previously isolated, the people who have come to live together at the tent city have gotten to know one another and to respect each other.
Permanent housing /space and not temporary offers. Homes not shelters. Homes not jails. We need another space/piece of land within the limits of the City that we can create and run. If we are displaced we would require a piece of land where we can recreate the community and be large enough to accommodate others. This space needs to be close to downtown unlike the Youth Jail which is too far away from services and where transportation will be difficult with bikes, trailers and pets, let alone retraumatizing and criminalizing.
Every municipality in BC and nationally should provide a camping area for homeless people. Homelessness is a provincial/national problem and municipalities across Canada could support mini tent cities and micro housing villages. People need a stable place where they won’t be moved during the day and harassed by cops and bylaw. We need a Livable Income 4 all so we can end poverty.
*SIC InTentCIty vision

Families formed on these streets, some over 20 years. We witness generational poverty and how strong outlaw culture forms around oppression.
Ana had the camera for two nights. This was the first night between 1119 and Midnight April 12 2016.