If you are working and struggling with paying BC hydro:

I am representing as a Person with a Disability who gets no support as a coparent.

Maybe your poor and not in social housing and are stuck with huge bills that are stressing you out?

Folks at BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre are:

“trying to get the BCUC to order BC Hydro to implement a low income bill affordability program, and would like to have a few ratepayers who could give a brief statement (we would prepare this over the phone with the ratepayer) about how their ever increasing bills are causing hardship”.

So, as a PWD I have just added my name to a list of folks thru out BC who are helping with this case.  They are still looking for a minimum wage person who is struggling to pay.


Are you interested in being a part of public rally’s to help bring public attention to how much of your money goes to By Hydro bills?

Were you evicted because you were unable to pay and you’d be willing to tell your story at a rally?  Do you want to help organise this growing  “Fight Back” and do a rally in your area?  I wonder who else is fighting back?  I got a few emails so far and lots of shares on facebook…?