I was just asked this question and it inspired me to write a longer piece for this video:

Robert Birch

“Kym, wow. You are a wonder and a life lover. xo I have been talking to Bernie Paulie about the org process of tent city. How are you holding up? I’m not on fb much anymore”


This tent city movement I am seeing across Canada is a true wonder, SIC is leading due to the Judge’s ruling and the affidavits he got that proved folks health is better there and loads of community supports been helping.  Thanks for compliment though Robert.

Its been inspiring visions and dreams again.  It’s been a long time!

Super InTent City is an example of how people will come together under such duress.  Hard core homeless like Catherine saw an opportunity and squatted the court house lawn, many followed and here we are.

We must not wait for land to come, we must take it.  That is the lesson here I see.  Right now Micro Housing Victoria and Anglican Church are seeking land and cannot find it!  They got money, people to help and those wanting to move in and NO LAND! 

When we do get to hang out with each other, look at what happens.  We see the leadership that has been there all along but most never had a chance to see it, many never brought folks to it, the leadership that is.

We grow, we blossom, we bond.  We will fight and if given the time, heal and grow together.  Diversity means some challenges but, certainly not adversity as what system offers!

We NEVER got to hang out as poor with each other!  We are divided as heck and kept apart from each  other, its been heart breaking over my lifetime.

The system does everything to stop us poor from uniting with each other as poor!  System does not want the community building going on down there and the attack had been steady previously however, the support is currently unheralded!   I know cause I have been out here most of my life, actually, worked front lines and lived it.

We are uniting under duress.  Its a powerful thing to be a part of.  I have not been able to go down daily, just life and my disability but, many others go daily weekly etc…and, some residents and I are getting tighter on communication and that helps a lot.

In general its beautiful, inspiring, brought back my passion spark, real hard as fuck due to lack of networking, however, the folks on ground who all started this, now calling themselves the original inhabitants, are really kicking ass to help get more comunication going between diverse groups on ground! In the end, it is because of them AND the diverse, I repeat, the diverse community support on ground that the judge did not remove them.

That is where networking and communications between difference is needing help. At yesterdays meeting a resident brought up “families” and heads of families and how there are many families at SIC and they all have heads of families and we need to organise around this reality.  I love this idea, they brought it up a week or so ago and we had a great talk about it in a small group of residents.  Health and safety, no homes, economic inequity, these are but some of the issues tent cities exist.  This oppression as we know, is supported thru ongoing teachings of hate thus the daily stigma, criminilization of poor thru criminalizing certain pain relieving drugs and then there is this problem with a sick and dying society…change is coming all across Canada. Myself and many others can feel it.

I believe the First Nations movement which is currently leading in Canada and globally, and has recently been hooked up with by the Black Lives Matter movement in Toronto and is spreading; these two powerful movements hooking up and working  alongside this other powerful movement of Tent Cities I believe are going to be the Tri Igniting Force around a much needed social change in this country.

I believe the housing crisis and Tent Cities are going to be the igniting force for all settler families and visitors within first nations territories to be able to segue or connect with sovereignty movements, I can see it, can’t you?

I see that women are leading in many communities and that leadership has re inspired the greater woman’s movement now spread out through out many movements.  From No One Is Illegal to homeless issue, from first nations movements to this growing housing crisis and the people oppressed by the system which keeps us suffering, we got to unite and I see it happening, it wants to happen!

More and more hooking up with anti poverty as well as first nations and black lives matter.  Women teach networking, I learned it from feminist’s in the 80’s and 90’s…

I can see these movements hooking up I believe they need to be hooked up, I believe we need every bit of help networking these groups towards each other!

We are all injured so much ourselves, we are all healing, no one is free from this need of healing from colonial messed up society.  We have had opportunity at SIC to form relationships around teachings about solidarity and the points of connection we have.

I’d love to help SIC organise workshops based on their needs and request’s. So far we got request’s for conflict resolution and diversity training, anti oppression can help us get thru a lot of social issues of inequity, first nations teachings, decolonize, equity.  We need help here.

I look forward to hearing what SIC is going to decide re: If they are going to want to work with PHS and, how that contract between SIC and PHS is going to look like and I encourage that like other successful tent cities, PHS meet with all residents and their invited supporters.

A note about what I think can happen and ought to as soon as possible:

Those who are ready and have formed families at SIC (some have been back and forth from the youth jail) they ought to go and move to crown land and squat just as folks did for Court House.  We have at least two or maybe three groups that seem ready?  As soon as the move they can start building micro houses on a one wheel type trailer base so that they can easily be moved to spot when land is acquired.

If they make that move soon, that will help get more support, get some sanity to day to day life at SIC as its getting to overcapacity.  Many of the hardcore homeless cannot go out of city too far due to health needs.  Others do not have so much health issues and can go further out and, often they want the sanity of more peace as well so, good stuff right?

We know NO community designed or passive house modeled homes have been built yet and it would take years to get caught up so, lets make more moves to crown land and also continue to support safety and security for our homeless who suffer.

Many of us are at risk of homelessness so, we also got to reach out to Alliance Ending Displacement as well as learn how to be peer advocates.  Maybe TAPS or Law Society can help with training’s?  ACPD?  Who can help with this?  Movement is happening, lets see how far we can take this then?

Here are two video’s from intentcity.ca

This one is the first up!

This one below is in regards to a meeting friday at SIC with Portland Hotel Society.  PHS did come thursday but I guess they were unable to talk with enough folks so, came back friday and are meeting one more time as well.

Here is a snippet of the article:

Province sends in 24-7 team to help at Victoria’s tent city.

Katherine Dedyna / Times Colonist

On-site support staff hired by the province to help tent city residents stay safe, get help and transition to housing made their first approach to the courthouse lawn campers on Thursday.

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps credited the ministry responsible for housing for quickly stepping up to manage the provincial property at the city’s request, given the April 5 B.C. Supreme Court decision that allows the campers to stay where they are until at least September.

“For that, I’m very grateful and council is very grateful,” Helps said.

– See more at: http://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/province-sends-in-24-7-team-to-help-at-victoria-s-tent-city-1.2232239#sthash.TrQEZHCQ.dpuf

Now SIC has to work out what “onsite” will mean, whether or not they want this forced  marriage is yet to be decided. Here is Bert at SIC…
More video is coming of interviews with folks.  If you are a Super InTent Resident and want to do one, let me know, wave me down.
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