Had a great visit at SIC today.  Loads of film, will hear from folks later about how the meeting went.  Was happy to loan Ana my camera, she asked me to come to meeting and film, I decided, as I have been feeling strongly, that the voice of the unhoused need to be able to meet without managers or facilitators there, allow them time to bond with each other in this THEIR movement.  I was happy to take camera off my neck and ask her if she wanted to film?  I cannot wait to see results.  I am right now giving her a bit more time with it as well.  More later.  I sure can use some help with IMOVIE and help to transfer/edit for their web site intentcity.ca


I love how James really helped make this beautiful!  Nice bench even, and, since Do It Center more recently and City of Victoria years ago before Lisa Helps but, I am sure others on council presently were on council then, but anyways, took so many benches away, I find this might be a favorite spot of mine…

Great as always to connect with Mikey, see below!  People are beautiful at SIC!


I have to say I was impressed with a lot of the organising that folks have done the last few days, still got some sorting to do but, tomorrow’s  big clean up day looks like its going to be fun!  Pathways are cleared thru camp, people are respecting each others boundaries, settling of a new kind is occurring.  One thing for sure is, any violence means you are probably going to get barred.  Folks have been asked to leave in the past, and some respect boundaries and are allowed to come back and visit however, strong boundaries are being layed out and folks are being asked to respect each others boundaries and treat people with equity, to respect each others boundaries around their home, “do NOT try and manage what is not yours” was a strong message I heard from anonymous.  I am trying to get 4 more copies of DSHP to residents, I can see why these guidelines were created in other tent cities:

10. I agree to maintain a clean, litter free, comfortable area where I can bring friends, family and other guests. 

11. I agree to not store personal items outside my dwelling footprint or allocated storage area.


Rodents provide a health hazard and we must discourage their presence by not having food available to attract them. Consequently, the following Food Storage Policies have been adopted:

  1.  All community food that enters the Village must be stored in the community
 food pantry in an appropriate sealed container or, your personal food in your tent in an appropriately sealed container. Only prepared food may be removed from the community area.
  2.  It is important, if one eats in their residence, to immediately wipe or sweep up any crumbs for the prevention of rodent infestation.
  3.  Any resident who fails to store food properly in their unit will lovingly be reminded of guideline.


Wolfe by the fire, she and many others, me as well, have bonded with this fire.  It is sacred to those involved at SIC as people have bonded around it.  Humans have an old thing in the blood, we sit around a fire and we can stare, be quiet, meet each other on different ground, its older than any of us.  It only makes sense that many are now clarifying for themselves what this fire is about for each of us, what does it mean to others beside me?  We all come from some place and its often different.  We are on Coast Salish Territories, WSANEC and specifically L’Kwungen/Songhee’s.  I am a Acadian Metis visitor from Winnipeg Manitoba, I was born into poverty and identify as a pagan, as many of my great grandmothers and grandfathers did.  People of the earth, sacred fire’s and ancestors, goddess’s and gods, many, not one.  I even identified as a witch for years, I had to look into my own ancestry and, I found out we as french had witches in our ancestry.  I have to say, back then, I was freaked out when I first found out, I mean, I was raised Catholic in Winnipeg for the first 9 years of my life.  Cut me teeth there!


That is Doug riding back home after a day of collecting bottles and cans…this is me leaving.

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