Time to practice some Watching The Wheels by John Lenin on the guitar…(you can skip down to bottom and click on link and listen while reading, if you want a hothead experience)

Great one to learn on guitar and helps with the many and diverse mental health issues this divide and rule teaches us.

We are unlearning that shit! THAT is decolonize!

So, anyways…

The mental health issue I often struggle with is being judged for seeming to “think too much” of things like freedom and; how the heck it is that injured folks gonna lead others into healthy communities / families; How Do We Help Transform Ourselves Into ”Healthy Communities”… thinking of how we are already perfectly human so, what is the problem? Greed kapitalism… Inherently systemic hierarchy that encourages inequity…That’s the fckng problem… All over Greed KKKapitalism has taken hold, even in Brazil traditional peoples try and fight this KKKapitalism:

I am taking a break from thinking about…

… how “acceptance is the key” yeah sure, and, it has got to be balanced with forward failure movement…chewing a lot lately on how its supposed to be ok to fail… this modern world is non forgiving… punitive…

Bonobo-Apes-A-male-bonobo-007 (1)

…i believe we got to make ourselves human again, to be human is to be more bonobo (like that close relative of ours above just hanging)… we got to be ok again with making mistakes… its how we learn….busting my chops thinking about how to shift this economic system to a more equitable one… How I am DONE with social stigma’s that we repel daily… Exhausting….

…how to explain to unions why folks like me more and more demand a Livable Income since YOU CANNOT TAKE CARE OF US OLD WORKERS AND DISABLED…. YES lets remember; good video link to help you learn about IWW:

We can be more like IWW and once again Rise Up Rank And File: Fight for decent wages, many before us fought, Josef reminded me of late how we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, we are those shoulders now… many of us fought and are now fighting while injured and need care, why do you fight against us when we fight for a livable income?…I am pondering new old angles like Martin Luther King and how he made big connections with unions AND he was about to begin a International Campaighn for the Eradication of Poverty Thru Use of A Basic Income Guarantee, Livable 4AllIncome…


…how I and others whom I love and respect worked for two years on this “meant to be shared” much needed document: the Diverse Social Housing Proposal for Autonomous Society’s and we now share this critically timed body of work bottom lined by a Lived Experience of Homelessness Poor Acadian Metis Redneck Tranny Trash that I am and hopefully you will all go over and give feedback.

This document is meant to help Autonomous Society’s move forward and create community around themselves lead by themselves with community supports chosen by them.  This document was bottom lined by a lived experience of homelessness person and supported by many allies with privilege

Diverse Social Housing

Proposal: for Autonomous Society’s


I am learning a whole new level of being mindful about how to bring folks together or keep them divided, it is up to each and every one of us in each and every moment and it is a lot of work, all possible as we often trip and fall, all good.


…Fact is, I love and respect a lot of folks down at SIC, some of them even for 20 years, currently its all about How I respect Doug and Ana (that is her above/right in foto @ Rally) Doug mostly cause he is Doug and he is an elder, he has been around and is a part of a large family, Ana who is younger and a part of that family and I appreciate how she is like a old school street mom.  She has already been out there 20 years and she is only in her 30’s…, I loved this conversation we had of late: its about all the talk re: how to network information, how to communicate as residents and community, who is who,what language can we use which is common? We spoke about how to engage other tent city folks/groups/pods/families; how to help people learn each others unique WAYS IS TO LISTEN AND SPEND TIME WITH EACH GROUP, how can we help encourage folks so that they might be able to represent for each other at meetings…  An “old skool” way ‘the streets’ have often dealt with all groups that form among themselves for generations now actually, is that they are simply called a “family”.  I remembered how we used that even back on streets in Calgary when I was 16 or 17… Each family has spokesperson/’s that naturally come forward.  Many families are connected to other families like a pod system.  Some families have little or no contact and that is ok, we work it out.  We have to to survive.  Housed are more messed up due to fact we can just walk away and lock the door.  Its gotten us into long drawn out conflicts that get stupid fast.  Most postal codes have slow police response times, well, they did till InTent City formed, that is my guess!  I am sure its great for police to actually be dealing with real criminals like violent crimes and crimes of sexual abuse and rape, child abuse etc.


The rally saw lots of new family members join us that day some of which have been a part of many of our families for years now like WAHRS from DTES.  If it chooses, Super InTent City may use this language to help respect and acknowledge these many street families, as well as the newly formed families which now have more ties to more housed families than ever before.  This is a first for many.  Its kind of a cool idea that I am still chewing on and share with you now.  One must take into consideration that most families in society are small units made up of folks who often do not know their own blood or are far from them, like it is for me.  Many of our families have grown, mine sure has this past few years, from Unitarian Universalist’s to street folks, its definitely diverse.


…I love diversity… what I have learned….folks at SIC who are unhoused residents can invite ‘families’ to talk among them selves and see who wants to do this or that task, or, decide who is going to go to this or that meeting… whole families or heads of families can go to open meetings and speak for their family/’s.   If you read Tent City Urbanism it speaks to many examples of tent city internal organising, how they were different in each city, unique versions of each style…we got a few groups at SIC, I am closer with the Doug and Ana family as I have worked with and known many of them for years. together represent more than half of SIC.  I believe their street level communication is better than any we have as housed people, especially when there is conflict.  I have had some weird moments with housed folks yelling at me about how I am with homeless, and, its like, who are you?

Some folks have no idea that many of us were bonded well before they came to Super InTent City. I can’t stand controlling judgemental divisive people.  They too are growing the “f” up, just like the rest of us.

I love how tent cities and or micro housing villages of homeless communities who formed themselves have been known to be very organized and hold internal meetings for unhoused residents only.

I think its cool and critical for peers to learn to organize together and to do so with an outside facilitator if they chose, I think its also good when those who have been on streets who are now maybe a bit more stable can be available to help  Often bonds are also formed with many “workers” and they can play a key role for support as activist’s,front line workers or academics who study, as long as participatory research ethics are followed of course.  I find that often the chosen leaders by the streets are not respected by workers and that is not cool.  Also, tokenism has affected some leaders from streets and form poverty in so much that they end up not representing anyone who disagrees with them and that is also not good re: representation.

As a lived experience of homelessness person from poverty, I have been told “your hard to work with”. Hmmff. “Welcome to hard” is all I have to say to that is: Seriously? The feeling is mutual…LOL!  Remember that!

I bust my own chops at how I can’t seem to stop supporting autonomous society’s and even challenging some to “get some ovaries and balls”, or “hold onto the reins” of their own movement’s and not feel the need to “be institutionalized” or feel the need to “play victim” or fall into “victim trap” …  We got many strong folks at SIC who are really tryng to lead themselves out of poverty yet, systemic BS keeps us from goals!  Like how we cannot seem to find land even though we got money, BUT if you want to build a condo, well, land is made available, its a systemic mess!

… I am wondering a LOT about why the fuck it is that so many union jobs that people work actually hold back people’s movements, to say again, I see how people working jobs actually hold freedom movements BACK and literally keep society from socially moving forward or gaining any ground in true systemic change, we need more workers to stop production by throwing a wrench or something; UNTIL those most oppressed step up and rise up and take a hold like the original inhabitants at Super InTent City have…. lead in their own movements like folks at SIC have…. supported by much diversity like how SIC has been supported by much diversity… how I know I want for us all to do well and how harsh but “par for the course” it is when folks are controlling and are surprised when others respond with strong boundaries…

It also blows my mind how security culture is WAY better on the streets than with housed…SIC made it clear since beginning “We are here for safety reasons, not having to move each day” “We Do Not Want To Be Managed!” “We prefer support that we each chose and no one chooses for all others, each group decides for itself, each family, treat all with resepct.”

…Chewing on how we need to Be brave, Be strong, this too shall pass and we are just now beginning to get off of our ass collectively!      

I need a break…..at wondering….maybe, but maybe not. Maybe what I really need is to keep focusing on chillaxing IN the process of actions,.. Mindfulness meets Tonglin? (Buddhist) Chewing on that one now…

I wonder how; humans want to more forward so bad we can taste it… Unity is possible even after you’ve been an ass… radical love is forgiving if we are doing accountability!

No ONE is without fault or need to grow.  No Matter who you are you are worth a better life, that is just my opinion.  Together is only way we can do it.

In colonial based education systems that are oppressive, we are trained to be held back by fear and to keep peeps away with arrogant punitive judgment….

I often am left wondering about a system, which wants us to be afraid….


I just noticed that on Ivan Druiry’s Twitter account he mentions Social Housing Alliance is now Alliance To End Displacement.  Just FYI.

So, anyways…Love is all about forgiveness, it is forged in forgiveness, a daily practice, love is hard work, welcome to “hard”…


I know for sure I will never allow regret to take hold.

Regret is just not healthy, however, “it blows my mind how much time I wasted with your projects and not my own”, say’s most people to “system” later in life or close to death. I am grateful I am not “most people” most days.

In ending, I am sick and fucking tired of social stigma, its disgusting and on the rise, I keep warning folks but, unless you are experiencing it or are very aware socially and see/feel it already and respond when needed, this rise in hate needs some loving attention in the form of artistic creative public rally’s and marches…

You think I am just an angry grumpy person for no reason? Sheesh! I got to work that shit daily.

Just saying. Folks can help by starting a Cop Watch… BeloMonteWarriorGrounded

You can also join or support a first nations lead movement like  how folks are fighting the Belo Monte Dam (formerly known as Kararaô):

This is Chief Raoni in Paris with his petition against Belo Monte Dam.

The project is strongly criticized by indigenous people and numerous environmental organizations in Brazil plus organizations and individuals around the world.[62][63]

Belo Monte’s 668 square kilometres (258 sq mi) of reservoir will flood 400 square kilometres (150 sq mi) of forest, about 0.01% of the Amazon forest.[64] Though argued to be a relatively small area for a dam’s energy output, this output cannot be fully obtained without the construction of other dams planned within the dam complex.[7] The prognosed area of reservoir for the Belo Monte dam and the necessary Altamira dam together will exceed 6500 km2 of rainforest.[7]

The environmental impact assessment written by Eletrobras, Odebrecht, Camargo Corrêa, and Andrade Gutierrez listed the following possible adverse effects:

  • The loss of vegetation and natural spaces, with changes in fauna and flora;
  • Changes in the quality and path of the water supply, and fish migration routes;
  • Temporary disruption of the water supply in the Xingu riverbed for 7 months;

or join Idle No More, or help end mountain top mining like in our local Ahousaht community by supporting first nations who protect their lands we live on: https://tworowtimes.com/news/national/new-court-ruling-injunctions-severely-limits-protection-blockaders/

. ..support local anti oppression networks and protect water sheds and bumble bee’s…, publish good alternative media like The Volcano, see below photo!


Ya never know who you might help educate.

Also, f you are from or living in poverty: join an anti poverty group, help educate about a Livable Income, if your working help strengthen your union’s rank and file and fight for  Livable 4 All Income for our future…


Protect, educate, defend….

walbran 3

… and start protecting something, like workers rights in non union jobs….

Loads of housed folks are desperate and in need of community, many are suicidal and wanting of community.


I encourage you all to join something and move forward with it, get out there, Life needs living, fun needs to happen in mobilizing for change and it only happens if we risk…


Life needs defending, protecting and we need to unlearn colonialism and relearn what is in our blood, who are we and what do we believe in? Bell Hooks just reminded me of that lately.


..we all had a honeymoon and now its time for the work of forging thru conflicts and differences and walking on common ground.

kym hothead hines

APAG   Anti Poverty Action Group off of CTEHV

LEAC, Lived Experience Advisory Council off of the CAEH,Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

LEOHN  Lived Experience of Homelessness Network On Twitter:


On Facebook: Lived Experience of Homelessness Network LEOHN (‘Secret’ Group, send friend request to: kym a. hines)

We are attempting to network people how are now or were unhoused/homeless across Canada and Internationally so that our movements might grow and together we can, not only help make change but lead in that change.  What do you want?   Find others and make that happen.  Be kind, protect your families and consider the motto Harm None  Defend and protect Life till our death.  i got to end this somewhere. here is john lenno song i promised, he was Irish to hey!!!

Watching The Wheels

People say I’m crazy, doing what I’m doing
Well, they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin
When I say that I’m okay, well, they look at me kinda strange
“Surely, you’re not happy now, you no longer play the game”

People say I’m lazy, dreaming my life away
Well, they give me all kinds of advice designed to enlighten me
When I tell them that I’m doing fine watching shadows on the wall
“Don’t you miss the big time, boy. You’re no longer on the ball”

I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round
I really love to watch them roll
No longer riding on the merry-go-round
I just had to let it go

Ahhh, people ask me questions, lost in confusion
Well, I tell them there’s no problem, only solutions
Well, they shake their heads and they look at me as if I’ve lost my mind
I tell them there’s no hurry, I’m just sitting here doing time

John Lennon