Dear “Thugs and Criminals”,

Thank you so much for your support in sending letters to Harbour Towers to oppose hate against homeless and low-income people in our community. We were successful in Harbour Towers cancelling this meeting and now Stephen Hammond and Mad as Hell have to find a new venue. A win!

Predictably, Hammond is attempting to get the broader public onside by creating a threat (thugs & criminals run this town!) and making this an issue of free speech.

In response, we will issue a statement to the media claiming victory over hatred and saying that those who wrote letters were concerned community members responding to the threat of violence against homeless and low-income people. We will also bring their attention to such “Mad as Hell” facebook quotes like “I will be there with guns a blazen!!” If anyone who wrote a letter would be interested in being a media contact about WHY you wrote the letter, please be in touch asap. We hope to get the statement out this morning.

It would be helpful if people could start publicizing our victory against hate and help us reframe the mainstream media. Key messages include:

1/ We are not threatening, we are responding to threats against homeless and low-income people

2/ We are all concerned about hate in our community. We are not a minority voice. Mad as Hell’s hate is misdirected toward homeless people when we need to turn our attention to the government’s failures.

3/ Hate speech is not free speech

On twitter, please use the hashtag #homesnothate

Yay, community!

ash, eko, flora, piotr